40C-2.321. Duration of Permit  

Effective on Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • 1(1) The provisions of section 1.5, Applicant’s Handbook: Consumptive Uses of Water, which is incorporated by reference in paragraph 2040C-2.101(1)(a), 21F.A.C., shall be applied in determining permit durations.

    29(2) Nothing herein shall preclude or otherwise prevent the District from terminating, revoking, or temporarily suspending any permit in accordance with these rules or taking such other action as may be provided for in the permit.

    65Rulemaking Authority 67373.044, 68373.113 FS. 70Law Implemented 72373.236, 73373.243 FS. 75History–New 1-1-83, Amended 5-31-84, Formerly 8040C-2.321, 8140C-2.0321, Amended 7-23-91, 11-12-91, 1-20-93, 4-25-96, 11-11-03, 8-14-14.


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