40C-2.351. Transfer of Permits  

Effective on Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • 1The District may transfer a permit in accordance with Rule 1140C-1.612, 12F.A.C. The permit will be transferred under the same terms and conditions contained in the permit provided the source(s) and use(s) remain the same. All terms and conditions of the permit shall be binding on the transferee.

    49Rulemaking Authority 51373.113 FS. 53Law Implemented 55373.223, 56373.229, 57373.239 FS. 59History–New 1-2-77, Amended 1-1-83, Formerly 40C-2.35, 6540C-2.351, 6640C-2.0351, Amended 8-1-89, 8-14-14.


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