40C-2.361. Renewal of Permits  

Effective on Thursday, August 14, 2014
  • 1(1) A permittee may apply to the District for renewal of a permit no earlier than one year prior to the termination of the permit unless the permittee shows good cause for earlier consideration.

    35(2) Applications for renewal of consumptive use permits shall be processed in accordance with the provisions of Rules 5340C-1.610 54and 5540C-1.1008, 56F.A.C.

    57Rulemaking Authority 59373.044, 60373.113 FS. 62Law Implemented 64373.239 FS. 66History–New 1-1-83, Amended 5-31-84, Formerly 7140C-2.361, 7240C-2.0361. Amended 8-14-14.


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