40C-2.401. Identification Tags  

Effective on Thursday, May 31, 1984
  • 1(1) Upon issuance of a consumptive use permit, the Governing Board shall issue a permanent tag bearing a use identification number, which tag shall, as a condition of the permit, be prominently displayed at the site of withdrawal by permanently affixing such tag to the pump, headgate, valve, or other withdrawal facility. If the permit covers several facilities such as a wellfield, a tag shall be issued for each facility and attached thereto.

    74(2) Failure to display a permit tag as prescribed herein shall constitute violation of a permit condition and may, if willful, be grounds for revocation of the permit. The permittee shall be allowed ten (10) days after the notice of violation of this rule to obtain a replacement tag.

    123Rulemaking Authority 125373.044, 126373.113, 127373.216 FS. 129Law Implemented 131373.219 FS. 133History–New 1-1-83, Amended 5-31-84, Formerly 13840C-2.401, 13940C-2.0401.