40C-9.330. Concessions  

Effective on Monday, June 7, 2004
  • 1The District encourages the development of retail sales or rentals that provide services or goods that assist the public in using District Lands at locations adjacent to or near District Lands as opposed to being located on District Lands. However, the District recognizes that, in certain instances, concessions could be located on District Lands to serve the interests of the public and assist the District in providing for public uses of District Lands while managing these lands in an environmentally acceptable manner. Therefore, the District may enter into a negotiated agreement to establish and operate a concession on District Lands if:

    102(1) The concession is necessary to fulfill a need in the interest of the public and will assist the District in providing public uses of District Lands;

    129(2) The concession will be open to the public;

    138(3) The concession will be economically feasible;

    145(4) The concession will not result in an unfair advantage over existing businesses that provide similar services in the area; and

    166(5) The concession meets the requirements of paragraphs 17440C-9.360(2)(b) 175through (h), F.A.C.

    178Specific Authority 180373.044, 181373.113 FS. 183Law Implemented 185373.139, 186373.59 FS. 188History–New 1-16-94, Amended 5-11-94, 6-7-04.


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