40D-3.101. Content of Application  

Effective on Monday, December 12, 2011
  • 1(1) Applications for permits required by this chapter shall be submitted to the District. All permit applicants shall submit the form entitled “State of Florida Permit Application to Construct, Repair, Modify or Abandon a Well,” Form No. LEG-R.040.01 (6/10), incorporated herein by reference. Except for replacement and domestic use wells, all applications to construct a well within the Most Impacted Area of the Southern Water Use Caution Area, as set forth in subparagraph 7540D-2.801(3)(b)2., 76and Figure 2.1, F.A.C., shall include the form entitled “Well Verification for all Non-Domestic Use Wells Located in the Most Impacted Area of the Southern Water Use Caution Area,” Form No. LEG-R.016.01 (4/09), incorporated herein by reference. Copies of all forms incorporated in this rule can be obtained from the District’s website at 130www.watermatters.org 131or from the District offices.

    136(2) A permit applicant seeking to drill a public supply well shall submit:

    149(a) A completed well permit application, as set forth in subsection (1) above, signed and accompanied by an applicable permit fee;

    170(b) A completed “Public Supply Well Information and Classification Form,” Form No. LEG-R.015.02 (08/11), 185http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-00740 187incorporated herein by reference; and

    192(c) Two sets of site plans, scaled drawings or legal plats with sufficient detail to demonstrate compliance with well setback requirements in Section 21562-532.400, 216F.A.C. and location requirements in Section 22262-555.312, 223F.A.C.

    224(3) A permit applicant seeking to convert an existing non-public supply well to public supply standards shall submit all the above and:

    246(a) The cased depth and total depth of well;

    255(b) The lithology encountered, if available;

    261(c) The diameter, type of casing and static water level of the well.

    274Rulemaking Authority 276373.044, 277373.113, 278373.171, 279373.309, 280373.337 FS. 282Law Implemented 284373.109, 285373.308, 286373.309, 287373.313, 288373.316 FS. 290History–New 10-5-74, Formerly 16J-3.07, Amended 7-1-90, 9-30-91, 12-31-92, 4-11-94, 10-19-95, 2-26-07, 8-19-08, 8-30-09, 9-12-10, 12-12-11.


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