40D-3.411. Well Completion Report  

Effective on Wednesday, July 10, 2013
  • 1(1) Well completion reports are required for the construction, repair, modification or abandonment of all wells. The District’s receipt of a well completion report raises the rebuttable presumption that all work under the permit has been completed or has ceased.

    41(a) The water well contractor or any individual permittee shall submit to the District the form entitled “State of Florida Well Completion Report,” Form No. LEG-R.005.02 (6/10), incorporated herein by reference, within 30 days of the completion of construction, repair or abandonment of any well. Copies of the Well Completion Report form can be obtained from the District’s website 101at 102www.watermatters.org 103or from District offices.

    107(b) If no work is performed or if the well is not completed, a completion report shall be filed within 30 days of the expiration of the permit stating that no well construction was performed or completed under the permit.

    147(c) The District shall require a record of the well construction at any time prior to the submittal of the completion report if any drilling problems are encountered during well construction. The District may request a record either orally or in writing. The water well contractor or individual permittee shall provide the record within 7 days of receipt of the District’s request.

    209(d) The record of the well construction shall include the depth of the well, the depth of the well casing, the amount of grout material used, and a description of the geologic material and any drilling problems encountered during the well construction.

    251(2) The water well contractor shall keep or cause to be kept by a person in his employ an accurate field log of all well construction, repair, modification or abandonment activities performed under each permit. Such logs shall be available for inspection at the site during all times when work is in progress.

    304Rulemaking Authority 306373.044, 307373.113, 308373.171, 309373.309, 310373.337 FS. 312Law Implemented 314373.308, 315373.309, 316373.313 FS. 318History–New 10-5-74, Amended 10-24-76, Formerly 16J-3.09, 16J-3.14, Amended 7-1-90, 9-30-91, 12-31-92, 10-19-95, 1-1-01, 2-26-07, 8-19-08, 8-30-09, 9-12-10, 7-10-13.


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