40D-3.531. Abandoned Well Plugging  

Effective on Sunday, July 12, 2015
  • 1(1) The form entitled “State of Florida Permit Application to Construct, Repair, Modify or Abandon a Well,” adopted by reference in Rule 2440D-3.101, 25F.A.C., shall be submitted to the District and a Well Construction Permit shall be issued prior to the abandonment of any well, including an incomplete well.

    51(2) All abandoned wells as defined by Section 59373.303(1), F.S. 61and subsection 6340D-3.021(1), 64F.A.C., abandoned artesian wells as defined by Section 72373.203(1), F.S., 74and incomplete wells as defined by subsection 8140D-3.021(17), 82F.A.C., shall be plugged in accordance with subsection (3) of this rule and Rule 9640D-3.517, 97F.A.C., unless they can be repaired in accordance with this chapter.

    108(3) All abandoned and incomplete wells shall be plugged by filling them from bottom to top with grout. The work shall be performed by a licensed water well contractor except for wells exempted under subsection 14340D-3.051(1), 144F.A.C., and wells permitted to be constructed or abandoned pursuant to paragraph 15640D-3.301(1)(a), 157F.A.C.

    158(a) Use of clean aggregate to bridge cavernous or lost circulation zones shall be allowed if measurements indicate loss of grout and the borehole or screened portion does not connect two (2) or more aquifers of differing water quality. Prior approval to use aggregate or other material must be obtained from the District.

    211(b) Obstructions shall be cleared from all wells prior to plugging.

    222(4) The contractor must notify the District at least 24 hours in advance of a well abandonment. A District representative must be on site to observe the abandonment procedure unless the following criteria are met and the District authorizes the contractor to proceed without a District representative on site:

    271(a) The contractor is currently in compliance with all other District rules;

    283(b) The contractor has not violated any conditions of his license or any District rule within the past two years;

    303(c) The District has observed the abandonment of at least ten prior wells by the requesting contractor; and

    321(d) A District representative cannot be at the well site at the time of abandonment.

    336(5) The “Well Grouting/Abandonment Form,” Form No. LEG-R.041.01 (9/14) 346available at 348https://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-05529 350incorporated herein by reference, will be used to document the well abandonment. Copies of this form can be obtained at the District’s website at 374www.watermatters.org 375or from District offices.

    379Rulemaking Authority 381373.044, 382373.113, 383373.171, 384373.309, 385373.337 FS. 387Law Implemented 389373.206, 390373.207, 391373.209, 392373.306, 393373.308, 394373.309 FS. 396History–New 7-1-90, Amended 9-30-91, 12-31-92, 7-2-98, 9-26-02, 2-26-07, 8-19-08, 8-30-09, 7-12-15.


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