40E-6.201. Content of Application  

Effective on Monday, August 12, 2013
  • 1(1) Applications for permits shall be filed with the District. The permit application shall contain the following information:

    19(a) A completed Form 0122 “Application to the South Florida Water Management District for Right of Way Occupancy Permit” effective date August 12, 2013, which is hereby incorporated by reference and which may be obtained at the South Florida Water Management District, 3301 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, Florida 33406;

    70(b) The applicant’s name and address, if other than owner, including zip code and phone number;

    86(c) All owner’s names, as appearing on the tax rolls, and complete address if applicant or user is other than the owner;

    108(d) The project location relative to County, Section, Township and Range; Lot, Block and Subdivision; or a metes and bounds description;

    129(e) A description of the portion of the works or lands of the District to be used;

    146(f) Whether the use is a proposed, existing, or a modification of an existing use;

    161(g) A description of the use or encroachment on works or lands of the District and in which zone, as depicted in subsection 18440E-6.011(7), 185F.A.C., the use will be located;

    191(h) At a minimum, Four (4) copies of the following scaled or fully dimensioned 8 1/2'' x 11'' drawings the use in plan and elevation views, related to the applicable work of the District, and tied to a known reference point in the immediate area of the proposed use. Larger drawings or aerial photographs shall be required, if necessary to adequately show the location and nature of the proposed use. A property survey, indicating the location of the District right of way boundary line, shall also be provided.

    2791. All drawings shall utilize English units of measure or a combination of both English and metric units of measure. Vertical datum shall be National Geodetic Vertical Datum (1929), North American Vertical Datum (1988), or Mean Sea Level and the datum utilized shall be specified on the drawing(s).

    3272. All drawings shall be in accordance with the specified requirements set forth in the Criteria Manual.

    344(i) Information sufficient to demonstrate that the use meets the criteria established in the document referred to in Rule 36340E-6.091, 364F.A.C.; and

    366(j) The estimated length of time needed for completion of the proposed work once construction has begun.

    383(2) Applications shall be signed by both the owner(s) and/or authorized agent, if applicable.

    397(3) Applications shall not be considered complete until such time as the following have been received and accepted by the District:

    418(a) All requirements set forth in subsections (1) and (2), above,

    429(b) Insurance and financial assurances in accordance with Rule 43840E-6.361, 439F.A.C.; and

    441(c) All land interests required for access and/or maintenance easements in connection with applications for permits that impede 459District access.

    461(4) If the District determines that the application is incomplete, the District shall request the information needed to complete the application within 30 days of its receipt. The applicant shall have 90 days from receipt of a timely request for additional information to submit that information to the District.

    510Rulemaking Authority 512373.044, 513373.113 FS. 515Law Implemented 517373.085(1), 518373.086, 519373.117, 520471.003 FS. 522History–New 9-15-99, Amended 8-12-13.


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