40E-7.671. District Implementation  

Effective on Thursday, August 29, 2013
  • 1The District shall ensure all small businesses have the maximum opportunity to participate in the District’s contracting and procurement processes. The following are examples of efforts to be taken by the District:

    33(1) Establish a Small Business Enterprise program to implement the rules established under this Part.

    48(2) Identify all competitive contracting opportunities within the District budget for SBE participation.

    61(3) Analyze SBE availability to provide the products or services identified for contracting at either the prime contract or subcontract levels.

    82(4) Maintain a database of all SBEs.

    89(5) Monitor and maintain records of steps taken and results achieved to maximize SBE participation.

    104(6) Monitor the District’s efforts to achieve SBE objectives.

    113(7) Provide training to District staff on the District’s SBE Rule.

    124Rulemaking Authority 126373.044, 127373.113 FS. 129Law Implemented 131373.1135 FS. 133History–New 8-3-06, Amended 8-29-13.


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