40E-7.672. Compliance  

Effective on Thursday, August 29, 2013
  • 1The District shall monitor and evaluate Program performance and compliance as follows:

    13(1) Each District contract shall contain a provision requiring the contractor, during the term of the contract, to comply with, as to tasks and proportionate dollar amounts throughout the term of the contract, all commitments made in their bids or proposals for use of SBEs.

    58(2) Each District contract shall contain a provision requiring maintenance of records, and information necessary to document compliance with the rules under this Part and shall include the right of the District to inspect such records.

    94(3) Each District contract shall contain a provision prohibiting any agreements between a contractor and a SBE in which the SBE promises not to provide subcontracting quotations to other respondents or potential respondents.

    127(4) Prime Contractors must notify the District when the need to add or replace an SBE subcontractor arises and shall provide a 149completed Form No. 1373, “Small Business Enterprise Subcontractor Revised Participation Schedule” effective (August 29, 2013) (165http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-03067167), 168which contains an explanation of the addition or replacement of the SBE subcontractor. Form 1373 183is incorporated by reference herein and a copy can be obtained at no cost by contacting the South Florida Water Management District Clerk’s Office, South Florida Water Management District, 3301 Gun Club Road, West Palm Beach, FL 33406, 1(800) 432-2045, ext. 6436, or (561) 682-6436. 228In addition, 230a 231completed Form No. 0957, 235“Statement of Intent to Perform as a Small Business Enterprise Subcontractor,” incorporated by reference in paragraph 25240E-7.670(3)(a), 253F.A.C., 254must be submitted if applicable.

    259(5) Failure of the Prime Contractor to meet its SBE requirements in a District contract will be a 277factor considered by the District when the District makes its responsibility determinations for future District contract awards and when the District considers whether to place a contractor on the Temporary or Permanent Suspension List under Rule 31340E-7.218, 314F.A.C315.

    316(6) Each District contract awarded with SBE participation shall contain a provision incorporating the rules under this Part by reference and a statement that failure to comply with the requirements of the bid or proposal submitted to the District by a contractor shall be considered a material breach of contract which may result in suspension or debarment of the firms or individuals involved pursuant to Chapter 40E-7, F.A.C.

    384Rulemaking Authority 386373.044, 387373.113 FS. 389Law Implemented 391373.1135 FS. 393History–New 8-3-06, Amended 8-29-13.


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