40E-7.673. Certification Eligibility - Small Business Enterprise  

Effective on Thursday, August 3, 2006
  • 1District staff shall have the authority to accept, review, approve, certify, decertify and deny applications for SBE certification. An applicant business must be registered with the District as a vendor prior to submitting an application for certification.

    38(1) Applicant businesses shall submit applications for SBE certification using Form No. 1231, “SBE Certification Application”, effective August 3, 2006, which is hereby incorporated by reference and which can be obtained from the District upon request. Mailing addresses must include the number, name of the street, suite number, if any, city and correct zip code. A post office box will not be acceptable absent a street address.

    105(2) To establish that it is a small business, the applicant shall:

    117(a) Provide documentation to demonstrate that the three (3) year average gross receipts of the business concern, together with its affiliates, does not exceed $13 million for Construction, $5 million for Commodities, and $6 million for Services. In determining the gross receipts of the business and its affiliates, the District shall consider the three (3) federal tax returns filed by the Applicant for the three (3) years immediately preceding their application. If the Applicant has not filed three (3) federal income tax returns for the three (3) years immediately preceding their application, then the Applicant must submit a financial statement, for any of the three (3) years immediately preceding the application in which the Applicant did not file a federal income tax return(s). The financial statement must be prepared by a Certified Public Accountant as defined by Section 255473.301, F.S., 257not employed by the Applicant but retained for the purpose of preparing financial statements for the Applicant. Applicants in business less than one (1) year are to submit an opening balance sheet and income statement for the months in which they were in business.

    301(b) The applicant must demonstrate that it is licensed to do business in the State of Florida if the business requires a license.

    324(c) The Applicant may only have one (1) business certified with the South Florida Water Management District.

    341Rulemaking Authority 343373.044, 344373.113 FS. 346Law Implemented 348373.1135 FS. 350History–New 8-3-06.


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