40E-7.676. Decertification  

Effective on Thursday, August 3, 2006
  • 1Decertification is the process by which the District shall take steps to retract a business’s certification as an SBE. The decertification of an SBE shall occur when the District determines that an SBE no longer complies with the District’s certification criteria. The District will also decertify an SBE if the District learns that the SBE submitted false information in order to obtain SBE certification.

    65(1) District staff shall inform the SBE in writing by certified mail, return receipt requested, of the facts or conduct which formed the basis for decertification.

    91(2) The decertification notice issued by the District shall contain:

    101(a) The statutory provisions(s) or rules(s) of the Florida Administrative Code which the District alleges that the SBE violated; and

    121(b) The specific facts or conduct relied upon to justify the decertification; and

    134(c) A statement that the firm has the right to file a request for an administrative hearing pursuant to Sections 154120.569 155and 156120.57, F.S., 158within 21 days of receipt of the decertification notice; and

    168(d) A statement that the decertification shall become conclusive and final agency action if no request for a hearing is filed with the District Clerk’s office within 21 days from receipt of the decertification notice.

    203(3) If the firm fails to file a request for a hearing within 21 days after receipt of the notice, the decertification shall become conclusive and final agency action.

    232(4) If the SBE files a request for an administrative hearing, the firm shall remain certified unless and until a Final Order is issued by the District decertifying the firm after an administrative hearing.

    266Rulemaking Authority 268373.044, 269373.113 FS. 271Law Implemented 273373.1135 FS. 275History–New 8-3-06.


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