53ER06-48. Payment of Stolen Instant Tickets  

Effective on Friday, August 25, 2006
  • 1Notwithstanding the provisions of rule paragraphs 53ER06-4(11)(e) and (j), F.A.C., an instant ticket that has been reported stolen will be eligible for prize payment if the claimant who presents the ticket for payment is determined by the Lottery to be free of involvement or culpability in the theft of such ticket and the ticket is otherwise valid and eligible for payment under Rule 53ER06-4, F.A.C.

    66Specific Authority 6824.105(9)(e), 6924.109(1), 7024.115(1) FS. 72Law Implemented 7424.105(9)(e), 7524.115(1) FS. 77History–New 8-25-06.