53ER06-50. Waiver of Electronic Funds Transfer Penalties For Retailers - Tropical Storm Ernesto (Replaced by 53ER09-71)  

Effective on Friday, September 1, 2006
  • 1Notwithstanding the provisions in Florida Lottery Rule 53ER05-16, F.A.C., Retailer Accountability, this emergency rule sets forth the provisions for the waiver of electronic funds transfer (EFT) delinquency penalties in response to an unsuccessful attempt to electronically transfer funds from a retailer’s bank account to the Lottery in payment of the retailer’s weekly settlement activity when the unsuccessful attempt is due to Tropical Storm Ernesto.

    65(1) The penalty for an EFT delinquency as set forth in Rule 53ER05-16, F.A.C., shall be waived provided the Lottery determines that a retailer’s unsuccessful EFT resulted from circumstances attributable to Tropical Storm Ernesto.

    99(2) The Florida Lottery shall make such determinations based on information it is able to obtain from the retailer, the retailer’s bank, and other available sources of relevant information.

    128(3) This penalty waiver shall remain in effect until such time as this rule (or certain provisions herein) is replaced with a subsequent rule declaring its obsolescence.

    155Specific Authority 15724.105(9)(j), 15824.109(1), 15924.112(1) FS. 161Law Implemented 16324.105(9)(j), 16424.112(1) FS. 166History–New 9-1-06.