53ER08-40. Summer Cash™. (Replaced by 53ER09-71)  

Effective on Friday, June 27, 2008
  • 1(1) Beginning June 30 through August 26, 2008, players who purchase a $5 14Summer Cash16™ ticket will have the opportunity to win the following prizes:

    278 – $250,000 prizes

    3240 – “Gas for Life” prizes ($52,000 minimum value)

    42400 – “Gas for a Year” prizes ($2,600 value)

    52Over 100,000 – $25 instant winners

    59The actual number of instant prizes awarded, and the odds of winning any prize in 74Summer Cash 76will depend upon the number of tickets sold during the game period.

    88(2) Instant $25 Cash Prize Coupon.

    94(a) When a ticket is produced that entitles the player to an instant 107Summer Cash 109prize of $25, a special message “You’re A 117Summer Cas119h Winner” will play on the terminal and the ticket will contain a Lottery Prize Alert symbol and a message that the ticket holder is an instant winner. A Cash Prize Coupon will automatically print along with the 157Summer Cash 159ticket. Should any issues arise concerning the transaction and/or prize, it is the player’s responsibility to seek resolution of these issues with the retailer and the Lottery prior to leaving the retail location.

    192(b) Winners can redeem an instant $25 Cash Prize Coupon at any Florida Lottery retailer or any Florid210a Lottery office, or call (850) 216487-7777 [TDD (850) 219487-7784] for instructions on how to claim the Cash Prize Coupon by mail. In the event of a dispute concerning the type or amount of a prize, the transaction serial number shall control.

    252(c) Winners must redeem Cash Prize Coupons by October 25, 2008.

    263(3) 264Summer Cash 266Weekly Drawings.

    268(a) Each 270Summer Cash 272ticket will bear a unique ticket number that will be automatically entered into the current week’s drawing. 289Summer Cash 291tickets will automatically print from the terminal with ticket numbers issued in sequential order as they are sold around the state312. 313Each 314Summer Cash 316ticket will c319ontain only one ticket number. 324Players cannot select their own ticket numbers.  The weekly draw schedule shall be as follows:

    339DRAW #

    341DRAW DATE



    348July 9

    350June 30 – July 8


    356July 16

    358July 9 – July 15


    364July 23

    366July 16 – July 22


    372July 30

    374July 23 – July 29


    380August 6

    382July 30 – August 5


    388August 13

    390August 6 – August 12


    396August 20

    398August 13 – August 19


    404August 27

    406August 20 – August 26

    411For each drawing, a total of fifty-six (56) ticket numbers will be selected. The first ticket number drawn will be entitled to a prize of $250,000; the second through sixth numbers drawn will be entitled to prizes of “Gas for Life”; and the seventh through fifty-sixth numbers drawn will be entitled to prizes of “Gas for a Year.”

    470(b) 471A prizewinner possessing a 475Summer Cash 477ticket bearing one of the 56 ticket numbers drawn must present the winning ticket to a Florida Lottery office within 180 days of the winning draw date, along with a completed Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2, or DOL 173-2S (together referred to as the “claim package”) which are hereby incorporated by reference and may be obtained from any Lottery retailer, Lottery office or from the Lottery’s web site at 546www.flalottery.com547. Failure of a prizewinner to file a claim for a 558Summer Cash 560prize within 180 days of the winning draw date shall result in forfeiture of the prize.

    576(c) “Gas for Life” prizewinners will receive prepaid gas cards in increments of $100 each once a year for life with a minimum of 20 years. The value of the gas cards received will be the annual value of $2,600 le618ss applicable tax withholding. 622Any excess amount not divisible into a $100 gas card will be paid in cash. A cash option of $52,000, less applicable tax withholding, is available to winners in lieu of the “Gas for Life” prize.

    659(d) 660“Gas for a Year” prizes, valued at $2,600, will be 26 prepaid gas cards in increments of $100 each. A cash option is not available for the “Gas for a Year” prize except that the Florida Lottery reserves the right, due to unavailability of gas cards, to award cash prizes equal to the value of the gas cards.

    719(e) No expiration date will apply to the gas cards.

    729(f) Federal income tax withholding will be applied to the $250,000 prize and to the “Gas for Life” prize. Any additional federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the winner. If a non U.S. Citizen presents a winning ticket, applicable federal withholding taxes will be deducted from the cash value of the prize. The remaining amount will be paid to the player in gas cards. Any excess amount not divisible into a $100 gas card will be paid in cash.

    815(g) 816All drawings shall be public and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm who certifies that all drawing procedures have been followed.

    843(4) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by Section 85724.116, 858F859.860S861., 862from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to win.

    873(5) All 875Summer Cash 877prizes are subject to 881the provisions of Chapter 24, F.887S888., 889and 890rules promulgated thereunder. 893Prizes will be paid in accordance with the procedures set forth in Rule 53ER08-20, F908.909A910.911C912., 913or applicable replacement rule.

    917(6) The Florida Lottery will post the winning numbers at Florida Lottery retailers and at 932www.flalottery.com 933after each Wednesday drawing.

    937Specific 938Authority 93924.105(9), 94024.109(1) FS. 942Law I944mplemented 94524.105(9), 94624.115(1) FS. 948History–New 9496-27-08.