53ER10. Emergency Rule For Year 2010  

53ER10-1. Payment of Prizes (Replaced by 53ER12-17)
53ER10-2. Instant Game Number 1050, $250,000 BASS PRO SHOPS® OUTDOOR ADVENTURE (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-3. Instant Game Number 1035, LOTERIA® (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-4. Instant Game Number 1059, LUCKY BUCKS DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-5. Bass Pro Shops® Outdoor Adventure Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-6. Draw Procedures (Replaced by 53ER10-49)
53ER10-7. Instant Game Number 1053, $250,000 MONOPOLY™. (Replaced by 53ER13-33)
53ER10-8. Instant Game Number 1063, $3,000,000 MONOPOLY™
53ER10-9. Instant Game Number 1052, TRIPLE LUCKY NUMBERS (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-10. Instant Game Number 1060, CASH BONANZA (Replaced by 53ER12-54)
53ER10-11. Instant Game Number 1054, STACKS OF CASH (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-12. Instant Game Number 1055, “TRIPLE BINGO” (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-13. Powerball® with Power Play® Bonus Sales Commission Retailer Incentive (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-14. Instant Game Number 1058, ACES & 8's (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-15. Instant Game Number 1051, FULL HOUSE. (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-16. Instant Game Number 1057, WILD DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-17. Extension of Retailer POWERBALL® with Power Play® Bonus Commission Retailer Incentive (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-18. FLORIDA LOTTO™ with XTRA® Retailer Bonus Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-19. Firecracker MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ (Replaced by 53ER10-21)
53ER10-20. Firecracker MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ Retailer Incentive Rules (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-21. Firecracker MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-22. Instant Game Number 1027, MONTHLY BONUS (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-23. Instant Game Number 1061, PIRATE'S GOLD (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-24. Instant Game Number 1056, THE PRICE IS RIGHT® (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-25. The Price is Right® Second Change Drawing (Replaced by 53ER10-38)
53ER10-26. Instant Game Number 1064, 2 FOR THE MONEY (Replaced by 53ER12-54)
53ER10-27. Instant Game Number 1067, LUCKY $100,000 A YEAR FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER13-33)
53ER10-28. Instant Game Number 7011, LUCKY SYMBOL CROSSWORD (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-29. Instant Game Number 1071, DOLPHINS (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-30. Instant Game Number 1073, JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-31. Instant Game Number 1072, TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-32. Dolphins Fan Experience Second Chance Drawing. (Replaced by 53ER10-35)
53ER10-33. Jacksonville Jaguars Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-34. Tampa Bay Buccaneers Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-35. Dolphins Fan Experience Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-36. Instant Game Number 1069, 5X LUCKY (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-37. Instant Game Number 1068, ACE IN THE HOLE (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-38. The Price is Right® Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-39. CASH 3® (Replaced by 53ER12-22)
53ER10-40. CASH 3™ 1-OFF™ Retailer Bonus Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-41. Canes® Fan Experience Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-42. Florida Gators® Fan Experience Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-43. Seminoles® Fan Experience Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-44. Instant Game Number 1075, CHERRY JUBILEE (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-45. Instant Game Number 5001, CUBILETE (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-46. Instant Game Number 1074, THE MONEY GAME (Replaced by 53ER13-33)
53ER10-47. Instant Game Number 1076, CRUISE FOR CASH (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-48. Royal Caribbean International® Cruise Package Second Chance Drawing (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-49. Draw Procedures
53ER10-50. Instant Game Number 1070, HOLIDAY MILLIONS (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-51. Instant Game Number 7012, NUTCRACKER CASH (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-52. Instant Game Number 1079, RED, WHITE AND GREEN (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-53. Instant Game Number 1078, SEASON'S GOLD (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-54. LUCKY LINES™ (Replaced by 53ER14-11)
53ER10-55. LUCKY LINES™ Retailer Bonus Sales Commission (Replaced by 53ER11-16)
53ER10-56. LUCKY LINES™ Retailer Top Prize Bonus Commission Program (Replaced by 53ER13-33)
53ER10-57. Instant Game Number 1083, FLAMINGO BINGO (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-58. Instant Game Number 1080, GOLDEN GOOSE DOUBLER (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-59. Instant Game Number 1081, HOLIDAY PACKAGE (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-60. Instant Game Number 1080, HOLIDAY SURPRISE! (Replaced by 53ER11-41)
53ER10-61. Instant Game Number 1066, FLORIDA LOTTERY™ BLACK (Replaced by 53ER11-62)
53ER10-62. Instant Game Number 1093, GOLD RUSH (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-63. Instant Game Number 1084, LUCKY SLOTS (Replaced by 53ER13-6)
53ER10-64. Instant Game Number 1085, MOVIE NITE™ (Replaced by 53ER12-28)
53ER10-65. Instant Game Number 7013, ORANGE CROSSWORD TRIPLER (Replaced by 53ER12-28)