53ER13. Emergency Rule For Year 2013  

53ER13-1. Viva Florida 500 Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-2. Instant Game Number 1177, QUICK $25s (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-3. Instant Game Number 1178, QUICK SILVER (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-4. Instant Game Number 1179, FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-5. Instant Game Number 1180, KING'S RANSOM.
53ER13-6. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER13-54)
53ER13-7. FLORIDA TREASURE HUNT Retailer Promotion (Replaced by 53ER13-33)
53ER13-8. Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO™ Bonus Commission Program. (Replaces by 53ER09-70)
53ER13-9. Instant Game Number 1181, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE.
53ER13-10. Instant Game Number 1182, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-11. Instant Game Number 1183, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE.
53ER13-12. Instant Game Number 1184, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE.
53ER13-13. FANTASY 5® Football Draft Day Experience Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-11)
53ER13-14. Granting Retailer Contracts and Certificates of Authority
53ER13-15. Instant Game Number 1185, SAND DOLLARS.
53ER13-16. Instant Game Number 1186, 10XLUCKY (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-17. Instant Game Number 1187, LUCKY RED 7's.
53ER13-18. Instant Game NUmber 1188, $3,000,000 FLAMINGO FORTUNE.
53ER13-19. Instant Game Number 1189, BRONZE BUCKS (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER13-20. Instant Game Number 1190, RUBY RICHES.
53ER13-21. Instant Game Number 1191, BINGO GOLD.
53ER13-22. Instant Game Number 1192, THE PRICE IS RIGHT® (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER13-23. The Price is Right® Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-24. Retailer Book Activation Promotion. (Replaced by 53ER13-54)
53ER13-25. LOTTO LOVE Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-26. Miami Heat Playoff Experience Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-21)
53ER13-27. Miami Heat Playoff Experience Promotion Correction (Replaced by 53ER14-21)
53ER13-28. LUCKY LINES™ Game Ending (Replaced by 53ER14-11)
53ER13-29. MEGA MILLIONS® Retailer Promotion. (Replaced by 53ER13-54)
53ER13-30. MEGA MILLIONS® Retailer Bonus Commission Program. (Replaced by 53ER13-68)
53ER13-31. Payment of Prizes.
53ER13-32. MEGA MILLIONS®. (Replaced by 53ER13-47)
53ER13-33. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules. (Replaced by 53ER13-54)
53ER13-34. Guy Harvey® Sportsman's Paradise Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-35. Instant Game Number 1193, GUY HARVEY®.
53ER13-36. Instant Game Number 5005, $5,000 FIESTA.
53ER13-37. Instant Game Number 1194, ACES & 8's (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-38. Instant Game Number 1200, $250,000 CROSSWORD.
53ER13-39. Instant Game Number 1199, MONOPOLY™ MILLIONAIRE.
53ER13-40. Instant Game Number 1197, MONOPOLY™.
53ER13-41. Instant Game Number 1198, MONOPOLY™.
53ER13-42. Instant Game Number 1196, MONOPOLY™.
53ER13-43. Instant Game Number 1195, MONOPOLY™ MILLIONAIRE.
53ER13-44. $25,000 ADVANCE TO GO Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-45. Performance Management Program (Replaced by 53ER13-65)
53ER13-46. Retailer Compensation.
53ER13-47. MEGA MILLIONS®. (Replaced by 53ER13-70)
53ER13-48. POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER14-5)
53ER13-49. Instant Game Number 1203, LOTERIA™.
53ER13-50. Instant Game Number 1201, ROYAL 8s.
53ER13-51. Instant Game Number 1204, GOLDEN.
53ER13-52. Instant Game Number 1202, $50,000 GRIDIRON CASH (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER13-53. GRIDIRON CASH Second Chance Promotion. (Replaced by 53ER15-16)
53ER13-54. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER14-11)
53ER13-55. Retailer Accountability.
53ER13-56. Jackpot Combo Retailer Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-57. FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaced by 53ER14-18)
53ER13-58. FANTASY 5® (Replaced by 53ER14-20)
53ER13-59. MEGA MONEY™.
53ER13-60. Retailer Instant Ticket Bonus Commission Program.
53ER13-61. Instant Game Number 1205, $5,000 BANKROLL (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER13-62. Instant Game Number 1206, $30,000 PAYDAY.
53ER13-63. Instant Game Number 1208, 100X THE CASH.
53ER13-64. Instant Game Number 1207, BRING ON THE BENS.
53ER13-65. Performance Management Program (Replaced by 53ER13-77
53ER13-66. Retailer Application and Fee Schedule.
53ER13-67. MEGA MILLIONS® Retailer Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-68. Retailer MEGA MILLIONS® Bonus Commission Program (Replaced by 53ER17-79)
53ER13-69. Retailer POWERBALL® Bonus Commission Program.
53ER13-71. Instant Game Number 1209, HOLIDAY DELIGHT (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-72. Instant Game Number 1210, HO HO HO LOTTA CASH (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-73. Instant Game Number 1211, SEASON'S GOLD (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-74. Instant Game Number 1212, HOLIDAY GIFT (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-75. Instant Game Number 1213, $1,000,000 SEASON'S GREETINGS (Replaced by 53ER14-41)
53ER13-76. POWERBALL® Advance Play (Replaced by 53ER14-5)
53ER13-77. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rule (Replaced by 53ER14-11)
53ER13-78. Ultimate Tailgate Party Drawing (Replaced by 53ER14-12)
53ER13-79. Instant Game Number 1214, TIC TAC SNOW TRIPLER.
53ER13-80. Instant Game Number 1215, CHOCOLATE COVERED 7'S.
53ER13-81. Instant Game Number 5006, BEJEWELED™ DIAMOND PAYOUT (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER13-82. Instant Game Number 1217, LUCKY LOOT.