53ER13-44. $25,000 ADVANCE TO GO Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER14-41)  

Effective on Friday, June 21, 2013
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3July 2, 520163, 7and continuing through 10September 2, 12201133, 14the Florida Lottery (or “Lottery”) will conduct the 22$25,000 24ADVANCE TO GO 27Second Chance Promotion 30in which players can enter their non-winning 37Florida Lottery 39MONOPOLY™ 40Scratch-Off tickets 42(43or “45MONOPOLY™ 46Scratch-Off tickets4849) 50on the Florida Lottery 54website for a chance to win 60cash prizes up to $25,000 66or 67MONOPOLY68® 69Millionaire 70b71oard 72g73ame74s. 75N76on-winning tickets from 79the following 81MONOPOLY™ 82Scratch-Off 83games 84are eligible for entry:

    88MONOPOLY™ Ticket Name and Game Number

    94MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1196

    99MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1197

    104MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1198

    109MONOPOLY™ MILLIONAIRE, Instant Game Number 1199

    115MONOPOLY™ MILLIONAIRE, Instant Game Number 1195

    121$500,000 MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1152

    128$3,000,000 MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1063

    136Winning 137MONOPOLY™ 138Scratch-Off 139tickets 140and tickets from the following MONOPOLY™ games 147cannot be used for entry in153to 154the 155$25,000 157ADVANCE TO GO 160Second Chance Promotion163: $1,000,000 MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1109; MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1137; MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1143; and MONOPOLY™, Instant Game Number 1144.

    188(2) 189To enter a non-winning 193MONOPOLY™ 194Scratch-Off ticket in197to 198one of the 201second chance d204rawings further described in subsection (4) below, 211players must enter on the Florida Lottery’s website at 220www.flalottery.com221. On the home page of the Lottery’s website, players can click on the 235MONOPOLY™ 236banner 237and follow the 240“Ticket Entry” 242directions. 243Players will be prompted to log-249in or register. The 24-digit ticket number (4-digit game number and 20-digit ticket number) is located at the bottom on the front of a 273MONOPOLY™ 274Scratch-Off ticket under the latex covering. Players are to 283s284cratch off the latex covering to reveal the number and enter the 296entire 24298-digit 299ticket number 301in the designated 304area. 305Players will be provided an option to play the interactive MONOPOLY™ 316Millionaire 317Dice 318Bonus Board Game to 322collect properties and 325earn 326points 327which will be converted into the number of entries assigned to the ticket340. 341If players choose not to play the game or if they experience technical problems while playing the MONOPOLY359 360Millionaire 361Bonus Board Game, the entries that would have been revealed in the course of playing the game will be credited to their entry account for that draw period. 389The total number of entries for each 396non-winning MONOPOLY™ Scratch-Off 399ticket is pre-determined based on the price point of the ticket. 410Players will receive 413one entry 415for 416every 417dollar 418of the 420price of the 423ticket entered 425in426to the drawing 429plus 430an additional 432predetermined number of entries 436within a range of 440one 441and 442five. 443The table below shows the total entry range assigned to 453each MONOPOLY™ Scratch-Off ticket price point.

    459MONOPOLY™ 460Ticket 461Price Point

    463Initial Entry

    465Additional 466Entry Range

    468Total Entry Range





















    491(3) 492Players may enter as many times as they wish during the contest period; however, each valid ticket number may only be used one time, for one 518entry 519in520to 521one 522second chance d525rawing. 526Tickets should not be mailed to the Lottery unless players are contacted by the Florida Lottery and requested to do so. 547Non-winning tickets received in the mail by the Florida Lottery will not be entered in562to 563the drawing and will not be returned. The odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries 581submitted582.

    583(4) Drawings.

    585(a) 586Three 587second chance 589drawings 590will be held 593between 594July 24, 5962015973, 598and 599September 4, 6012016023, 603from entries 605submitted 606b607efore 608midnight 609ET 610on the last day of the entry period for each drawing. 621The drawing dates are:


    626Drawing Date

    628Entry Period


    631Wednesday, 632July 24, 6342016353

    636July 2, 6382013 – 640July 22, 6422013


    644Wednesday, 645August 14, 6472016483

    649July 23, 6512013 652653August 12, 6552013


    657Wednesday, 658September 4, 6602013

    661August 13, 6632013 664665September 2, 6672013

    668(b) 669In each of the 673three 674second chance drawings, 677one 678g679rand 680p681rize w683inner 684will win 686$25,000, 688five 689s690ec691ond p693rize 694winner695s 696will 697each 698win 699$2,500, twenty 702third p704rize winners will 707each 708win $207100, 711and fifty fourth prize winners will 717each 718win a MONOPOLY721® 722Millionaire 723board 724g725ame. 726A 727grand 728total of 730two hundred twenty-733eight 734prizes 735will be awarded in the 740second chance drawings.

    743(c) 744In each of the three drawings, 750t751he 752first 753valid 754entr755y 756drawn 757will 758win 759the 760g761rand 762p763rize764. T766he 767second 768through sixth 770valid entr772ies 773drawn will 775each 776win 777a 778second p780rize 781and will be used in the order in which they are drawn to select an alternate grand prize winner 800in the event the grand prize cannot be awarded. 809T810he 811seventh 812through twe814nty-sixth 815entries drawn will 818each 819wi820n 821a third p824rize and will be used in the order in which they are drawn to select a840n alternate second prize winner in the event a second prize cannot be awarded. 854T855he twenty-seventh through the seventy-sixth entries drawn will each win 865a fourth prize. 868Alternate winners will not be selected for third 876and fourth 878prizes.

    879(5) Notification. 881The prizewinners in each second chance drawing will be posted on 892www.flalottery.com 893afte894r the drawing.

    897(a) 898The F900lo901r902ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 909grand prize, second prize, 913third prize 915and fourth prize 918winner by telep921ho922n923e, U.S. mail or email using the contact information provided in th935e 936winner’s registration data 939no later than 942one week 944after the winners are 948posted on the website.

    952(b) 953I954f the Florida 957Lottery is unable to contact a grand 964or second 966p967rize winner within three weeks of the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to 999the first 1001alternate winner1003. 1004If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact the 1013first 1014alternate winner within 1017one 1018week, the alternate winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to a second alternate winner. This process will continue until an alternate 1052is contacted 1054or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of available alternates. If the Lottery is unable to contact an alternate, the prize will not be awarded1080. 1081A 1082second 1083or third 1085prize winner will become the alternate winner of the grand 1095prize or a second 1099prize, 1100respectively, 1101only if the Lottery has successfully contacted the winner concerning the 1112original 1113prize within the three 1117week notification period.

    1120(1121c1122) An alternate winner who has not claimed the prize he or she originally won at the time of notification that he or she is the alternate winner of a higher prize will be awarded only the higher prize. An alternate winner who has claimed the original prize at the time of notification may retain the original prize and will receive the difference in cash between the original and higher prize1193.

    1194(1195d1196) If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a third 1207prize winner within three weeks of the date of the drawing 1218to confirm the winner’s mailing address, 1224the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the prize will not be aw1243arded. 1244A third prize winner who forfeits his or her right to claim a third prize will also forfeit his or her right to serve as an alt1271ernate for a second prize.

    1276(1277e1278) 1279If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a fourth prize winner within three weeks of the date of the drawing to confirm the winner’s mailing address, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the prize will not be awarded.

    1325(1326f1327) 1328All entries in the 1332second chance drawings 1335are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may be disqualified if eligib1349ility requirements are not met.

    1354(135561356) How to Claim a Priz1362e.

    1363(a) 1364To claim a 1367grand 1368or 1369s1370econd 1371prize 1372in a 1374$137525,000 1377ADVANCE TO GO 1380second chance drawing, 1383the 1384winner 1385must submit to the Florida Lottery the original valid non-winning 1395MONOPOLY™ 1396Scratch-Off 1397ticket 1398bearing the entry number selected in the drawing. Without such ticket, the 1410winner 1411will forfeit his or her right to claim a prize. Winners must submit the valid entry ticket along with a completed Winner Claim Form DOL-173-2, revised 02/11, 1438or Spanish Winner Claim Form DOL-173-2S, revised 02/11, 1446and 1447appropriate identification1449. 1450Forms DOL-173-2 1452and 1453DOL-173-2S 1454are hereby incorporated by reference 1459and may be obtained at any Lottery office, from the Florida Lottery’s website at 1473www.flalottery.com, 1474or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016. 1488The 1489required 1490form1491s 1492must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than 1502two 1503week1504s 1505after the winner is notified by the Florida Lottery that he or she is a winner1521. If the Florida Lottery has not received the required forms by the 1534fourteenth 1535day after notification, 1538the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to an alternate winner in accordance with 1565paragraphs (4)(1567c1568) and 1570(5)1571(1572b1573) 1574above.

    1575(b) To claim a 1579third prize 1581in a $25,000 1585ADVANCE TO GO 1588second chance drawing, 1591the winner must submit to the Florida Lottery the original 1601non-winning MONOPOLY™ Scratch-Off ticket 1605bearing the unique number selected in the drawing. Without such 1615ticket, 1616the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim a prize. Winners must submit the 1632ticket 1633along with a copy of acceptable identification. 1640The documents must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than two weeks after the winner is notified by the Florida Lottery that he or she is a winner. If the Florida Lottery has not received the documents by the fourteenth day after notification, the winner will forfeit his o1691r her right to claim the prize.

    1698(1699c1700) 1701F1702ourth 1703prize 1704winners are not required to submit the original non-winning 1713MONOPOLY™ 1714Scratch-Off ticket or the documentation listed in paragrap1722h (6)(a) in order to claim a fourth 1730prize.

    1731(173271733) Award of Grand Prizes1738. 1739Upon the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a 1746grand p1748rize 1749winner’s required documentation, the 1753Florida 1754Lottery will 1756awa1757rd a 1759prize of $25,000.

    1763(176481765) Award of Second Prizes. 1770Upon the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a second prize winner’s required documentation, the 1783Florida 1784Lottery 1785will award a prize of $2,5179200.

    1793(179491795) Award of Third Prizes. 1800Upon 1801the Florida Lottery’s receipt 1805of a 1807third prize winner’s 1810required documentation, 1812the Florida Lottery will 1816award a prize of 1820$200.

    1821(10) Award of Fourth Prizes. 1826Fourth prizes of a MONOPOLY1831® 1832Millionaire 1833board g1835ame 1836will be shipped 1839to the winner 1842within approximately 10 bu1846siness days after confirmation of the winner’s mailing address1855. 1856If any prize is returned as unclaimed or undeliverable and the 1867Florida 1868Lottery 1869is 1870unable to locate the winner after a reasonable attempt to do so, the prize will not be awarded. (1889Estimated retail value 18921893$1894231895)

    1896(18971189811899) All prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, 1910F.S., 1911and rules promulgated thereunder.

    1915Prizes shall be paid in accordance with the rule of the Florida Lotter1928y governing payment of prizes. 1933A copy of the current prize payment rule can be 1943obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    1959(1196021961) 1962Except as specifically mentioned herein, all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on the prizes won in the 1982Second Chance Promotion 1985are 1986the responsibility of the winner.

    1991(1199231993) No cash option is available in lieu of non-cash 2003$25,000 2005ADVANCE TO GO 2008Second Chance Promotion 2011prizes.

    2012(1201342014) If the wi2018nner of a 2021g2022rand prize 2024or second prize 2027in a 2029$25,000 2031ADVANCE TO GO 2034second chance drawing 2037is identified as owing an outstanding debt to a state agency or child support collected through a court, the debt will be collected in accordance with 2063S2064ection 206524.115, 2066F.S2067.

    2068(1206952070) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by 2083S2084ection 208524.116, 2086F.S., 2087from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    2098(20991210062101) By entering the 2105$25,000 2107ADVANCE TO GO 2110Second Chance Promotion, 2113a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lotter2124y to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    2158(21591216072161) 2162$25,000 2164ADVANCE TO GO 2167second chance drawings shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm.

    2190Rulemaking Auth2192ority 219324.105(9), 219424.109(1), FS. 2196Law Imple2198mented 219924.105(9), 2200222014.115(1) FS. 2203History22042205New 22066-21-13, 2207Replaced by 53E2210R221114-41.