53ER13-45. Performance Management Program (Replaced by 53ER13-65)  

Effective on Monday, July 1, 2013
  • 1(1) Purpose. This rule sets forth the provisions governing the Florida Lottery’s Performance Management Program (“Program”). The Program provides for an annual review amd evaluation of the work performance of all Florida Lottery employees in the areas of technical expertise, professional excellence and customer satisfaction. The Program connects an employee’s work performance to the Lottery’s strategic business plan and subsequent achievement of the Lottery’s business goals.

    67(a) An employee’s performance measures will be based on the performance goals for that employee’s work unit, as specified in the strategic business plan.

    91(b) The Florida Lottery’s Performance Management Program serves the following purposes:

    1021. Provides all employees with the opportunity to clearly understand and focus upon annual performance expectations.

    1182. Identifies improvement needs to enhance future individual, and ultimately organizational, performance.

    1303. Motivates all employees to improve skills and job knowledge to ensure consistent professional and technical expertise.

    1474. Documents and tracks an employee’s performance against the strategic goals of the employee’s work unit and ultimately the strategic goals of the Lottery.

    1715. Documents an employee’s eligibility for salary adjustments or one-time lump sum payments upon the availability of such funding.

    1906. Provides a basis for monitoring and improving the overall performance and productivity of the Florida Lottery’s work force.

    209(2) 210Definitions. For the purpose of administering this rule, the following definitions shall apply:

    223(a) Designated Evaluation Date – The date selected by the Lottery which begins the 60-day period during which annual evaluations shall be completed. The Lottery may select up to four (4) designated evaluation dates per calendar year in order to accommodate operational needs.

    266(b) Evaluation Period – The annual period of time covered by the performance plan.

    280(c) Overall Rating – The employee’s level of performance for the evaluation period, which is derived as follows:

    2981. Calculate the average of all of the individually-rated performance expectations. In calculating this average, all digits three or more places to the right of the decimal shall be dropped. No rounding shall be used in this calculation.

    3362. Locate the numeric range in which the calculated average falls on the below chart and assign the corresponding overall rating.




    3644.50 – 5.00


    3683.50 – 4.49


    3723.00 – 3.49


    3762.50 – 2.99

    379Needs Improvement

    3812.49 and below


    385(d) Performance Evaluation – A written assessment of an employee’s performance of assigned duties and responsibilities as reflected in the employee’s performance expectations and documented on a performance evaluation form.

    415(e) Performance Expectation – A statement that describes satisfactory performance of an essential duty or responsibility as listed in the position description or satisfactory demonstration of an attribute or value that the agency deems necessary for the accomplishment of its core missions. For purposes of this rule, a duty or responsibility is essential if it must be successfully performed in order to fulfill the requirements of the position.

    483(f) Performance Plan – A written notification prepared by the supervisor that identifies the performance expectations by which the employee will be evaluated during the evaluation period.

    510(g)  Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) - The Performance Improvement Plan allows the supervisor to provide the employee with a structured method to correct performance deficiencies, by allowing an employee to improve performance based on a rating of 547“Below Expectation” or “Unacceptable.”

    551(h) Supervisor – The employee’s current immediate supervisor or a designated managerial employee who has knowledge of the employee’s duties, responsibilities and job performance.

    575(3) Procedures.

    577(a) 578Work Plan.

    5801. Following consultation with executive management, a work plan shall be developed by the immediate supervisor. The work plan should identify the employee’s 603performance expectations, 605key work activities and responsibilities, and be prioritized in accordance with the Lottery’s strategic objectives. The work plan should correspond to the employee’s position description in terms of functional accountability, know636ledge, experience and skills.

    6402. The supervisor shall conduct a performance planning session with the employee to review the work plan, the performance expectations and the rating scale. The supervisor shall also provide the employee an opportunity for feedback regarding the expectations. The work plan shall be signed by the supervisor and the employee, indicating that the work plan has been discussed. A copy of the signed work plan shall be made available to the employee.

    712(b) Supervisor duties.  The supervisor shall:

    7181. Conduct an oral work plan session with each employee at the beginning of every evaluation period and provide a copy of the work plan to the employee.

    7462. Conduct written and oral performance evaluations of his/her employees at least annually. Such evaluations must be completed within sixty (60) calendar days following the Designated Evaluation Date.

    7743. Provide employees with coaching and meaningful feedback regarding job performance throughout the evaluation period.

    7894. Timely inform the employee in writing of any performance deficiencies that could result in a “Below Expectation” or “Unacceptable” rating and the necessary corrective action to be taken prior to the end of the evaluation period.

    8265. Meet with the employee to review the annual performance evaluation.  837The supervisor shall provide the employee with a final rating for each work activity and related responsibility. Both the supervisor and the employee shall sign and date the final rating. A copy of the final rating shall be provided to the employee and the original placed within the employee’s personnel file in Human Resource Management.

    892(c) New Hire Procedures. For new hires, work plans shall be completed within approximately one month of the employee’s hire date. The  annual review shall be conducted provided the employee was hired prior to March 1. The initial work plan shall cover the period from the hire date through June 30. Thereafter, the employee shall be evaluated annually. 

    950(d) At a minimum, a written performance evaluation shall include:

    9601. A rating of the employee’s job performance during the evaluation period for each performance expectation identified in the performance plan. Each performance expectation shall be measured using the following scale.






    1004Employee consistently exceeds the performance expectation. This employee requires little or no supervision from management regarding productivity and accomplishing his/her tasks and seeks opportunities to enhance the organization. The employee’s performance shows highly advanced job knowledge and outstanding initiative. The employee is relied upon to solve complex problems and applies creativity and innovative approaches in formulating solutions.

    1061Above Expectation


    1064Employee consistently meets and often exceeds the performance expectation. This employee requires minimal supervision from management regarding productivity and accomplishing his/her tasks and seeks opportunities to enhance the organization. The employee possesses a thorough knowledge of the job, shows a high level of initiative, and often solves or assists in solving complex problems. 

    1117Meets Expectation


    1120Employee consistently meets and may occasionally exceed the performance expectation.  This employee requires moderate supervision from management regarding productivity and accomplishing his/her tasks and seeks opportunities to enhance the organization. The employee possesses sufficient knowledge and/or initiative to execute his/her duties and responsibilities.

    1163Below Expectation


    1166Employee exhibits inconsistent job performance, but has the capacity to improve to meet the performance expectation. At times the employee requires close supervision when he/she should be operating on his/her own. The employee is sometimes unproductive, and sometimes lacks the initiative and/or the necessary job knowledge to execute his/her duties and responsibilities.



    1220Employee consistently fails to meet the designated performance expectation. This employee is often unproductive, requires close supervision and his/her work requires continual correction. The employee’s job knowledge and initiative is lacking and is insufficient to meet daily requirements. 


    1259None given

    1261No longer applicable or unable to determine.

    12682. Comments relating to the employee’s job performance for each performance expectation.

    12803. The overall rating of the employee’s job performance during the evaluation period, which shall not be adjusted or affected by the ratings of any other employees being rated.

    13094. At the Lottery’s discretion, performance plans and evaluations may be reviewed by a higher level authority and comments may be provided. However, completed performance plans and evaluations shall not be changed by a higher level authority.

    1346(4) Employees with an overall rating of either “Needs Improvement” or “Unsatisfactory” shall be considered not to have met their performance expectations for the position during that evaluation period. 1375In some cases, a supervisor might find it necessary to develop and implement a Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) for an employee. A PIP is created at the discretion of the supervisor following consultation with executive management. A PIP may be up to 90 days in duration; however, at any time that a PIP is in effect an employee may be separated or demoted at the discretion of the Lottery Secretary.

    1445(5) Employees who do not receive a performance evaluation within sixty (60) calendar days following the Lottery-designated evaluation date shall be considered to have met their performance expectations as documented on their performance plan, and will receive a rating of “Meets Expectation” for each performance expectation and an overall rating of “Satisfactory”.

    1497(6) A description of training and educational opportunities for the employee may be included as part of the performance planning/evaluation process.

    1518(7) The performance evaluation shall be signed by the supervisor and the employee. The signature of the employee shall indicate only that the employee’s job performance has been discussed with the employee and does not imply that the employee agrees or disagrees with the supervisor’s assessment of his/her performance. The employee may attach written comments to the performance evaluation form in response to the evaluation.

    1583(8) A performance evaluation is considered to be complete when it has been discussed with the employee and the employee has signed the evaluation. The evaluation shall be included in the employee’s personnel file, and a copy shall be made available to the employee.

    1627Rulemaking Authority 162924.105(9)(j), 163024.109(1) FS. 1632Law Implemented 163424.105(19)(d) FS. 1636History–New 16377-1-13, 1638Replaced by 53ER13-651641.