53ER13-53. GRIDIRON CASH Second Chance Promotion. (Replaced by 53ER15-16)  

Effective on Friday, August 9, 2013
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3August 13, 52013, 6through 7November 4, 92013, 10the Florida Lottery will conduct 15the 16GRIDIRON 17CASH 18Second Chance Promotion21. 22P23layers can enter their non-winning 28$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 32Florida Lottery Scrat35ch-O36ff tickets 38into either a Florida State University (FSU) 45S46econd 47C48hance 49D50rawing or a University of Florida (UF) 57S58econd 59C60hance 61D62rawing 63on the Florida Lottery web68site 69for a chance 72to win 74a Hyundai Sonata GLS, a 201380-2014 81Bowl Game Package, 842014 85FSU or UF 88Season 89Football 90Tickets, 91a 922013 93FSU or UF 96Game Day 98Experience, 99or 100FSU or UF 103m104erchandise. 105Winning 106$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 110tickets cannot be used for entry in117t118o 119the 120GRIDIRON CASH 122Second Chance Promotion.

    125(2) 126A total of six second chance drawings (three FSU Second Chance Drawings and three UF Second Chance Drawings) will be 146held between 148September 11, 1502015113, 152and 153November 6, 1552013, 156from entries 158submitted 159b160efore 161midnight ET 163on 164the 165last day of the entry period for 172each drawing. Entries will be good for one drawing only. 182The draw184ing 185schedule is187:

    188Florida State University 191Second Chance 193Drawings


    196Entry Period

    198Draw199ing 200Date


    202August 13, 2042013 205206September 9, 2082012093

    210Wednesday, 211September 11, 2132012143


    216September 10, 2013 219220October 7, 2222013

    223Wednesday, 224October 9, 2262012273


    229October 8, 2312013 232233November 4, 2352013

    236Wednesday, 237November 6, 2392013


    240University of Florida 243Second Chance 245Drawings


    247Entry Period

    249Drawing Date


    252August 13, 2013 – September 9, 2013

    259Wednesday, September 11, 2013


    264September 10, 2013 – October 7, 2013

    271Wednesday, October 9, 2013


    276October 8, 2013 – November 4, 2013

    283Wednesday, November 6, 2013

    287(2883) 289In each of the 293six 294second chance drawings, 297one 298grand prize 300winner will 302win 303a 304Hyundai Sonata GLS, one 308second 309prize winner 311will win a 3142013315-2014 316FSU or UF 319Bowl Game Package for two 324persons, 325three third prize winners will win 331two 332FSU or UF 3352014 336Season F338ootball 339T340ickets, thirty-five fou343rth prize winners will win 348an 349FSU or UF 3522013 Game Day Experience, 356and one hundred 359prize winners will win 363FSU or UF 366merchandise367. 368A grand total of 372eight hundred and forty 376prizes will be awarded in the 382six 383second c385hance drawings387.

    388(4) 389To 390enter a non-winning 393$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 397Scratch-398Off ticket 400in401to 402a 403second chance 405d406rawing, 407visit the Florida Lottery’s 411web412site at 414www.415flalottery.com, 416click on 418the GRIDIRON CASH 421Second 422Chance 423Promotion 424banner, and follow 427the 428“Ticket Entry” 430directions431. 432Players will be prompted to log 438in or register. 441Scratch off the latex covering to reveal the 24-digit ticket 451number 452(4-digit game number and 20-457digit ticket number) 460located below the play instructions on the front of a Scratch-471O472ff ticket and enter the 477entire 47824-digit 479ticket 480number 481in the designated area485. 486Select either the FSU Second Chance Drawing or the UF Second Chance Drawing and click “Submit.” Players 503can also access the Lottery’s website to enter a non-winning $50,000 GRIDIRON CASH ticket via a link located on the Florida State University 527and the University of Florida 532athletic websites: 534www.seminoles.com 535and 536www.gatorzone.com537.

    538(5) 539Players m541a542y enter as many times as they wish during the 552promotion 553period. However, each valid ticket number may only be used one time, for 566entr567y 568in569t570o one 572s573econd 574c575hance d577rawing. Tickets should not be mailed to the Lottery unless players are contacted by the Florida L594ottery and requested to do so. 600Non-winning tickets received in the mail by the Florida 609Lottery will not be entered in615to 616the drawing and will not be returned. 623The odds of winning are dependent upon the number of entries 634submitted635.

    636(6637) 638Drawings. 639In 640each of the 643six 644drawings, the first valid 648entr649y 650drawn will win 653the 654grand p656rize657. T659he 660second 661valid entr663y 664drawn will win 667the 668second 669prize670. 671The 672third through fifth valid entries drawn will each win a third prize 684and will serve as 688alternate winner690s 691in the order 694drawn 695for the 697grand or 699second prize 701in the 703event the 705grand or 707second prize cannot be awarded712. 713T714he sixth through fortieth entries drawn 720will 721each win a fourth prize a727nd 728will serve as alternate winners in the order 736drawn 737for the third prize in the event the third prize cannot be awarded. 750T751he forty-first through one hundred and fortieth entries drawn will each win a fifth prize. 766Alternate winners 768will not be selected for 773fourth or fifth 776prizes.

    777(7) 778Notification.

    779(a) 780The prize 782winners in each second chance d788rawing will be posted on flalottery.com 794after the 796draw797ing798. 799The F801lo802r803ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 810grand prize, 812third prize 814and fifth prize winner 818no later than 821one week 823after the winner826s 827are 828drawn 829and each second and fourth prize winner no later than twenty-four hours after the winners are posted on the Florida 849Lottery’s website. 851Notification will be made 855by telephone, U.S. mail or email using the contact information provided in the winner’s registration data.

    871(b) 872If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a grand 882or third 884prize 885winner 886within 887three 888week889s 890of 891the date of the drawing, 896or a second prize winner within one week of the date of the drawing, 910the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to 931the first 933alternate winner 935as set forth in subsection (6) above942. 943If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact the 952first 953alternate winner within 956one week 958of the date of award of the prize, the alternate winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the 978greater 979prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to a second alternate winner. 993This process will continue until an alternate is contacted or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of available alternates1013. Notification attempts for second 1018prizes 1019will not be made after December 11, 102620131027. 1028If the Lottery is unable to contact an alternate, the prize will not be awarded. A third 1045prize winner will become the alternat1051e winner of the grand prize 1057only if the Lottery has successfully contacted the winner 1066concerning the original prize within the t1073hree week notification period. 1077A fourth prize winner will become the alternate winner of 1087a 1088third 1089prize only if the Lottery has successfully contacted the winner concerning the original prize within the 1105one 1106week notification period. 

    1109(c) A 1111grand or second prize 1115alternate winner who has not claimed 1121a third prize 1124at the time of notification that he or she is the alternate winner of a higher prize will be awarded only the 1146higher prize. 1148A 1149grand or second prize 1153alternate winner who has claimed 1158a third prize 1161at the time of notification 1166will be require1169d 1170to return the certificate 1174of 1175third 1176prize award 1178to the Lottery.

    1181(d) A third prize alternate winner who has not claimed a fourth prize at the time of notification that he or she is the alternate winner of a 1209third 1210prize will be 1213awarded only the third prize. 1218A 1219third prize 1221a1222lternate winner who has claimed 1227a 1228fourth 1229prize at the time of notification may retain his or her fourth prize in addition to the third prize.

    1248(e) 1249If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a 1258fourth 1259prize winner within 1262one week 1264after the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will not award the prize.

    1291(f) 1292If the Florida Lottery is unable to contact a 1301fifth prize 1303winner within sixty days after the date of the drawing, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will not award the prize.

    1334(1335g1336) All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may be disqualified if eligibility requirements are not met.

    1357(135881359) 1360How to Claim a Prize1365.

    1366(a) 1367To claim a 1370grand, 1371second, 1372or third 1374prize 1375in a 1377second chance d1380rawing, the 1382winner 1383must submit to the Florida Lottery the original valid non-winning 1393$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 1397ticket 1398bearing the 1400entry number selected 1403in the drawing. Without such ticket, the 1410winner 1411will forfeit his or her right to claim a prize. Winners must submit the valid entry ticket along with a completed Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2, 1437revised 02/143911, 1440or Spanish Winner Claim Form DOL 173-2S, 1447revised 02/144911, 1450and 1451a 1452copy of acceptable 1455identification1456. 1457Grand and second prize w1462inners must also submit 1466a notarized Florida Lottery Release and Authorization Form DOL-474, revised 14765/13 1477or Spanish 1479Florida Lottery 1481Release and Authorization Form DOL-474S, effective 14875/131488. 1489Form1490s DOL 173-2, DOL 173-2S, 1495DOL-474 1496and DOL1498-1499474S are 1501hereby incorporated by reference 1505and may be obtained at any Lottery office, from th1515e Florida Lottery’s 1518w1519ebsite at 1521www.flalottery.com, 1522or by writing to: Florida Lottery, 1528Customer Service, 1530250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016. 1536For grand and third prize winners, t1543he required forms must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than 1556two 1557week1558s 1559after the winner 1562is notified by the Florida Lotte1568ry that he or she is a winner. 1576I1577f the Florida Lottery has not received the required forms 1587f1588rom 1589a grand prize 1592or third prize 1595winner 1596by the 1598fourteenth 1599day after notification, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to an alternate wi1626nner as described in subsection1631s 1632(6) and 1634(71635) 1636above. 1637For second prize winners, 1641the required forms must be received by the Florida Lottery no later than one 1655week after 1657the winner is notified by the Florida Lottery that he or she is a winner. If the Florida Lottery has not received the required forms from a second prize winner by the 1689seventh 1690day after notification, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize 1705and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to an alternate winner as described in 1720subsections (6) and (7) above.

    1725(b) Fourth and fifth prize winners are not required to submit the original non-winning $50,000 GRIDIRON CASH Scratch-Off ticket or the documentation listed in paragraph (8)(a) in order to claim the prize. However, fourth prize winners who become alternate winners of a third prize will be required to submit the original non-winning $50,000 GRIDIRON CASH Scratch-Off ticket and a Winner Claim form in order to claim the higher prize. Therefore, fourth prize winners should retain the original non-winning $50,000 GRIDIRON CASH Scratch-Off ticket until notified by the Florida Lottery that the third prizes have been fulfilled.

    1824(182591826) 1827Award of 1829Grand 1830Prizes1831.

    1832(a) 1833Upon 1834the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a grand prize winner’s required documentation, the Lottery will award a prize of a 18532013 1854Hyundai Sonata GLS 18572.4L GDI 6-speed A/T with Shiftronic1863. 1864The Florida Lottery will notify the fulfillment company, which 1873in turn 1875will 1876contact the winner within five business da1883ys to make arrangements for the delivery of the vehicle to the designated authorized Florida Hyundai dealership from which the winner will take possession of his or her vehicle prize. The designated 1915dealership will be as near to the winner’s plac1924e of residence as is practicable1930. 1931The winner must present proof of a valid driver’s license and proof of vehicle insurance as required by the laws of the state in which the vehicle is delivered, which in Florida are Chapters 322 and 320, 1968F.S., 1969respectively. If the winner is unable to provide proof of a valid driver’s license, the vehicle must be removed by trailer or similar transport equipment provided by the winner or driven by a person who is able to provide proof of a valid driver’s license. The winner must take possession of the vehicle within 2023sixty 2024days of receipt of notification that it is ready for pick up at the designated dealership. If the winner fails to take po2047ssession of the vehicle within sixty 2053days of pickup notification, unless prior alternate arrangements have been made, the vehicle prize will be forfeited and no cash prize will be substituted. The cost of travel to take possession of a vehicle prize shall be the responsibility of the prizewinner.

    2095(b) The Florida Lottery will pay tax, title and license fees on the Hyundai Sonata as well as applicable federal income tax withholding on th2120e value of the Hyundai Sonata. 2126The 2127grand 2128prize is valued at $213332,479.20 2135($21,990 vehicle retail value plus $2,369.40 tax, title and license fees, 2148plus $8,119.80 federal 2152income tax withholding2155)2156. 2157If the winner 2160chooses to upgrade the 2013 Hyundai Sonata or selects a more expensive vehicle, the winner will be responsible for al2180l costs in excess of $24,359.402187. If a winner chooses a vehicle valued at less than $21,990, the winner will not receive payment for the difference in price.

    2211(c) The Florida Lottery provides no warranty for the 2220Hyundai Sonata2222. Any warranties and guarantees are those of the manufacturer only.

    2233(d) The winner of the 2238Hyundai Sonata 2240must be 18 years of age or older.

    2248(e) A cash option is not available in lieu of the vehicle. However, the Florida Lottery reserves the right to award a cash prize of $227424,359.40 2276in 2277lieu of a vehicle if, for reasons beyond the control of the Lottery, a vehicle is not available for award to a player. Federal income tax withholding will be deducted from a cash prize awarded under this provision. Any additional federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees are the responsibility of the winner.

    2331(2332102333) Award of Second Prizes.

    2338(a) 2339Upon 2340the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a second prize winner’s required documentation, the Lottery will award a prize of 2358a 235920132360-2014 2361FSU or UF 2364Bowl Game Package2367. 2368The 2369bowl game package consists of2374: 2375two 2376bowl game ticket2379s; 2380round-trip coach airfare for two persons 2386from any 2388U.S. regional or international airport with regularly-scheduled commercial service to the city in which the bowl game will be held; ground transportation between airport and hotel, hotel and stadium; and one hotel room (room and tax only) for two nights. If 2429the 2430bowl game is held in the state of Florida, air travel will be replaced with a mid-size rental car for three days. 2452The winner will be provided a certificate describing the bowl game package along with the necessary information to make reservations to fulfill the trip.

    2476(b) 2477If 2478FSU or UF 2481does not play in a bowl game at the conclusion of the 2013 season, or if the prize is not claimed in time for the winner to use the trip for the 20132514-2014 2515bowl game, the trip will be 2521for 2522an away game (to be determined by 2529the team2531) d2533uring the 2014 regular season. 2538The bowl game package does not include tickets to 2547any 2548National Championship Bowl G2552ame. In the event 2556that FSU or 2559UF 2560plays in the 2013 season National Championship Bowl Game, 2569prizewinners of that university’s bowl game trip will have the option of taking the trip to the next end of season bowl game in which the university plays or taking the trip to an away game (to be determined by 2609the team2611) during the 2014 regular season2617. 2618All tickets remain subject to applicable terms, conditions and restrictions of applicable bowl game. 2632The second 2634p2635rize 2636t2637rip does not include: mileage 2642(unless 2643the prize includes a rental car as described in paragraph (10)(a) above), 2655insurance, gratuities, meals, parking fees, baggage fees, alcoholic beverages, 2664personal expenses such as telephone calls, valet service, laundry, incidentals and the like, revision or cancellation fees which may be charged by the 2687airlines, 2688hotel 2689or other suppliers, or any other items not expressly specified herein. 2700A prizewinner may transfer the bowl trip package one time at no additional cost; 2714however, the 2716value of the second prize will remain taxable income to the winner2728. Notification of such 2732transfer 2733must 2734be provided to the Lottery by 2740November 227429th, 27432013. 2744The estimated retail value of the second prize is $2,000. The actual value of the second prize is dependent upon the location of the winner and the location of the game.

    2776(2777112778) Award of Third Prize2783s2784. Upon 2786the Florida Lottery’s receipt of a 2792third 2793prize winner’s required documentation, the 2798Lottery will award a prize of 2804two 2805FSU or UF 28082014 Season 2810Football tickets2812. 2813The winner will be provided a certificate detailing all the information necessary to obtain the tickets. 2829(2830Value 2831$1,400)

    2833(1283422835) Award of Fourth Prize2840s2841. Upon confirmation of a fourth prize winner’s mailing address, the Florida Lottery will 2855award a prize of a Game Day Experience consisting of 2865either 2866two single tickets to FSU’s home game against Idaho University on November 23, 22880013, and two hospitality passes; 2885or two single tickets to UF’s home game against Georgia Southern University on November 23, 2013, and two hospitality passes. 2905The prize will be mailed 2910to the winner 2913within approximately ten days after the drawing. 2920(Value $140)

    2922(1292332924) Award of Fifth Prize2929s2930. Upon confirmation of a fifth prize winner’s mailing address, the Florida Lottery will award a prize of team merchandise consisting of two FSU 2954or UF 2956t-shirts and two FSU 2960or 2961UF hats2963. 2964The prize will be mailed 2969to the winner 2972within approximately ten 2975days after the drawing. 2979(Value $19.60)

    2981(1298242983) 2984All prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, 2994F.S., 2995and rules promulgated thereunder.

    2999Prizes 3000shall be paid in accordance 3005with the rule 3008of the Florida Lotter3012y governing payment of prizes. 3017A copy of the current 3022prize payment 3024rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, T3041allahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    3044(1304553046) Except as specifically mentioned herein, all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on the prizes won in 3066$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 3070Second Chance 3072Promotion 3073will be the responsibility of the winner. 3080Federal income taxes are 3084required to be withheld from a 3090second 3091or third 3093prize awarded to a nonresident alien claimant at the rate of thirty percent pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code3115. 3116Because there is no cash awarded in connection with the second 3127or third 3129prizes from which to withhold taxes, a 3136nonresident alien claimant who is selected as a winner of a 3147second 3148or third 3150prize 3151will be required to pay the 3157withholding tax 3159or forfeit the prize. 3163The reporting and subsequent payment of any additional federal, state or local taxes will be the responsibility of the nonresident alien winner.

    3185(1318663187) No cash option is available in lieu of 3196$50,000 GRIDIRON CASH 3200Second Chance Promotion prizes.

    3204(32051320673207) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons 3218prohibited by 3220S3221ection 322224.116, 3223F.S., 3224from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    3235(32361323783238) The right to claim a prize cannot be assigned to another person or entity.

    3253(32541325593256) By 3258entering the 3260GRIDIRON CASH 3262Second Chance 3264Promotion, 3265a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to provide the player’s address and telephone number to 3285the prize fulfillment company 3289for 3290prize fulfillment purposes.

    3293(3294203295) By entering 3298the 3299GRIDIRON CASH 3301Second Chance 3303Promotion, 3304a player gives his or her permission for the Florida Lottery to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    3348(3349213350) 3351The 3352FSU and UF 3355second chance d3358rawings shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm.

    3379Rulemaking Authority 338124.105(9), 338224.109(1) FS. 3384Law Implemented, 338624.105(9), 338724.115(1) FS. 3389History–New 8-9-13.