53ER13-69. Retailer POWERBALL® Bonus Commission Program.  

Effective on Thursday, October 17, 2013
  • 1(1) 2The Florida Lottery will 6conduct, as a retailer sales incentive, a Retailer POWERBALL15® 16Bonus Commission Program (“Program”) 20in which the Florida Lottery will award bonus commissions to Florida Lottery 32retailers who 34sell a winning jackpot POWERBALL ticket for a Wednesday or Saturday POWERBALL drawing.

    47(48249) 50The bonus commission will start at $20,000 for a $40 million starting jackpot. 64In the event that no winning jackpot ticket is sold for a POWERBALL drawing, the bonus commission amount will increase by $5,000 per draw89ing 90until a 92wi93nning jackpot ticket is sol98d, 99up 100to a maximum bonus commission of $100,000.

    108(1093110) 111If multiple winning jackpot tickets are sold in Florida for the sam123e 124POWERBALL drawing, the retailers selling such tickets will share the bonus commission. Each retailer selling a winning jackpot ticket will receive a share of the bo150n151us equal to the number of winning jackpot tickets sold by that particular retailer divided by the total number of winning jackpot tickets sold in Florida for that dr180awing.

    181(1824183) If 185a 186winning jackpot ticket 189i190s a 192Powerball 193with Power Play® ticket, 197an additional $20,000 bonus commission will be paid to 207the 208retailer selling 210such ticket. 212If multiple winning jackpot tickets are 218Powerball 219with Power Play 222tickets, each retailer selling such a ticket will be paid the additional bonus commission.

    236(2375238) Florida Lottery retailers who sell a POWERBALL ticket that wi249ns $1,251000,000 253for matching 5256+0 257numbers will receive a $1,000 bonus commission.

    265(2666267) Florida Lottery retailers who sell a 274Powerball 275with Power Play 278ticket 279that wins $2822,283000,000 285for matching 5288+0 289numbers will rece292ive a $5,000 bonus commission.

    298(2997300) Award of a bonus commission is not dependent upon the 311Powerball 312jackpot winning ticket, POWERBALL 5317+0 318winning ticket or 321Powerball 322with Power Play 5326+0 327winning ticket 329being claimed by the winner.

    334(3358336) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the bonus commission award shall be paid the bonus commission earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with Chapter 24, 372F.S., 373Chapter 53, 375F.A.C., 376or contract terms.

    379(3809381) A bonus commission will be considered compensation to the retailer for Internal Revenue Service purposes. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply a bonus commission earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery, and to award the remaining balance of 425the bonus commission, if any.

    430(43110432) Bonus commissions are subject to availability of funds appropr442iated for retailer incentives. 446This Program is subject to cancellation by future emergency rule if retailer incentive funding is not appropriated or if the Florida Lottery determines that it is no longer in the state’s best interest to use such funds for this purpo486se.

    487Rulemaking Authority 48924.105(9)(i), 49024.109(1) FS. 492Law Implemented 49424.105(9)(i), 49524.122(1) FS. 497History–New 10-17-13, Replaces 53ER12-8, F.A.C.