53ER15-16. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules  

Effective on Friday, March 6, 2015
  • 1The following Department of the Lottery emergency rules relating to Lottery games, 13promotions 14or obsolete rules 17are being replaced because the games 23or 24pro25motions 26have concluded, or the provisions of the rule are obsolete. This rule shall replace the following rules: 4353ER4413-9, 4553ER13-11, 4653ER471483-15, 4953ER1503-51, 5153ER13-53, 5253ER13-59, 53ER13-79, 53ER14-31, 5553ER14-39, 5653ER14-41, 5753ER14-54, 53ER14-55, 53ER14-68, 60F61.62A63.64C65.

    66Rulemaking Authority 6824.105(9) FS. 70Law Implemented 24.1073974(75176), 77178279080.817482(183)(c84) FS. History87–N88ew 893-690-15. 91Replaces 53ER13-9, 53ER13-11, 53ER13-15, 53ER13-51, 53ER13-53, 53ER13-59, 53ER13-79, 53ER14-31, 53ER14-39, 53ER14-41, 53ER14-54, 53ER14-55, 53ER14-68, 105F.A.C.