53ER15-37. Retailer WEEK FOR LIFE Book Settlement Promotion  

Effective on Friday, June 12, 2015
  • 1(1) Beginning 3Tuesday, 4June 16, 62015, 7through 8Tuesday, 9June 30, 112015, 12the Florida Lottery will conduct the Retailer 19WEEK FOR LIFE 22Book 23Settlement 24Promotion 25(“Promotion”) 26in which Florida Lottery retailers will have a chance to win $3830,3900040.

    41(42243) Florida Lottery retailers will receive one entry into 52one of two drawings 56determined by retailer category (corporate or independent), 63for each new “WEEK FOR LIFE” 69full 70book of 72scratch-off lottery 74tickets 75settled 76before midnight 78(79ET80) 81on Tuesday, 83June 30, 2015. 86The 87WEEK FOR LIFE 90games 91included in 93this Promotion 95are: Game Number 199210071016, 102$500 A WEEK FOR LIFE; 107Game Number 1110211177, 112$1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE; 118Game Number 1278, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE; and 128Game Number 1279, 131$5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE.

    137(1383139) 140Two $30,000 p144rizes will be awarded in accordance with the following table.


    155Number of Corporate Retailer Prizes

    160Number of Independent Retailer Prizes




    169(1704171) 172The drawings will be held on July 1799, 1802015. 181In each of the 185two 186drawings, 187five 188entries 189will be randomly drawn 193by the Florida Lottery 197using a certified random number generation process. The first valid entry drawn will win the prize of $30,000. The second 218through 219fifth 220valid entries drawn will be used in the order in which they are drawn to select 236an 237alternate winner in the event a r244etailer winner is disqualified.

    248(2495250) 251To be included in the Promotion, 257r258etailers must be active Florida Lottery retailer265s 266prior to June 16, 2015271.

    272(2736274) 275A 276Retailer will be subject to di282squalification from the drawing 286if the Florida Lottery determines that the 293entry is invalid 296because 297the retailer 299settl300ed 301one or more of the qualifying books of tickets during the promotion period 314and subsequent316ly 317unsettled such qualifying book or books of tickets 325any time up to and including 331July 3328, 3332015.

    334(3357336) Retailers will receive their Promotion prize check within 345approximately 346three weeks 348of the 350drawing.

    351(3528353) 354Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the promotional prize award shall be paid the promotional prize provided the termination or inactivation was not due to non-compliance with Florida Lottery laws, rules or 391terms of the retailer 395contract.

    396(9) Winning retailers will not be permitted to return or unsettle WEEK FOR LIFE books of tickets 413except as determined by the Lottery for 420occurrences 421such as a change of ownership, or suspension or termination of retailer contract.

    434(43510436) A promotional prize will be considered compensation to the retailer for Internal Revenue Service purposes. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply the promotional prize awarded against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery.

    473Rulemaking Authority 47524.105476(9477)(i), 47824.109(1) FS. 480Law Implemented 48224.105(9)483(484i485), 24.114872488(1) FS. History491492New 4936-12494-14955496.