53ER15-46. GROUPER® Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, August 6, 2015
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3August 10, 2015, 6and continuing 8through 9October 1111, 122015, 13the Florida Lottery will conduct 18the 19GROUPER20® 21Promotion. During the promotion period, players 27who 28tell a Florida Lottery 32retailer 33that 34they wish to play “39GROUPER40®41” will receive 44five (5) 46Q47uick 48P49ick tickets for $5.00 53(54a $6.00 value), 57except as provided in subsection (3) below64. A 66GROUPER67® 68play 69is comprised 71of 72one 73(1) 74ticket 75of 76each of 78the following 80five (5) 82online terminal 84games85:

    86(a87) 88$1 FLORIDA LOTTO91®;

    92(93b94) 95$962 FANTASY 599® 100with EZmatch102;

    103(c) 104$1051 CASH 3108109Straight/Box;

    110(d) 111$1 PLAY 4114 115Straight/Box; 116and,

    117(e) FREE $1 LUCKY MONEY122123.

    124(2) 125The t127ickets in 129a 130GROUPER131® 132play 133will be for the next available drawing and 141cannot be player-selected 144or 145canceled.

    146(3) If the Quick Pick numbers 152selected for either the 156CASH 3158 159or 160PLAY 4162 163game 164have been cut off for the day due to 173the 174game’s liab176ility limit being reached, the 181ticket 182or tickets 184for the 186affected game 188or games 190will not print193. In such 196instance, 197the player’s p200urchase price will be automatically adjusted and the player will 210receive the 212remaining 213GROUPER214® 215tickets, 216including the 218promotional 219FREE $1 LUCKY MONEY223 224ticket.

    225Rulemaking A227uthority 22824.105(9), 22924.109(1) FS. 231Law Implemented 23324.105(9), 23424.115(1) FS236. History238239New 2408-2416242-15243.