53ER15-48. GROUPER® Retailer Sales Commission  

Effective on Thursday, August 6, 2015
  • 1Beginning 2August 10, 420155, 6through 7October 11, 9201105, 11(“Promotion Period1314) 15the Florida Lottery will 19pay 20Florida Lottery retailers 23a $.30 sales commission for each GROUPER30® 31transaction sold during the Promotion Period. 37The 38$.30 39sales commission 41includes 42the 43five percent sales commission 47set forth in Rule 53ER13-46, 52F.A.C., 53on the purchase price of 58the $1.00 FLORIDA LOTTO62® 63ticket, 64the 65$2.00 FANTASY 568® 69with EZmatch71 72ticket, 73the 74$1.00 CASH7677Straight/Box ticket, 79the 80$1.00 PLAY 483 84Straight/Box ticket, 86and a five percent sales commission on the 94FREE 95$1.00 96LUCKY 97MONEY9899ticket 100included in the GROUPER104® 105transaction.

    106Rulemaking 107Authority 10824.105(9)(i), 10924.109(1) FS. 111Law Implemented 11324.105(9)114(115i), 11624.112(1) FS. 118History119120New 1218-6-15.