53ER15-63. Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™  

Effective on Thursday, November 12, 2015
  • 1(1) 2Holiday 3MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE56is a number9-10match 11online 12terminal 13game with a limited number of tickets available that will be sold within a limited sales period.

    30(2) Each 32Holiday 33MILLIONAIRE 34RAFFLE 35ticket 36sells for 38$2390.

    40(3) 41Holiday 42MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 44tickets will go on sale 49November 15, 5120152553. 54Sales of 56Holiday 57MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 59tickets will cease immediately after the 65750,6600067th 68ticket is sold or at 7311:59:59 74p.m. 75(76ET77) 78on 79December 3810, 82201835, 84whichever occurs first.

    87(4) 88Each Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket will contain a unique raffle ticket number that will be automatically entered into the New Year’s Eve 110drawing on December 31, 2015. 115Tickets purchased by December 23, 2015, will also be entered into one of five weekly drawings based 132upon the date of purchase137. 138Drawings will be held from tickets sold before midnight 147(148ET149) 150on the last day of the 156raffle ticket 158sales period for each drawing. 163The drawing schedule is as follows:


    170Drawing Date

    172Raffle Ticket Sales Period

    176W177eek 1

    179November 18024, 1812011825

    183November 18415, 1852011865 187 188November 18923, 1902011915

    192Week 2

    194December 3, 2015

    197November 19824, 1992012005 201 202December 2, 2015

    205Week 3

    207December 20810, 2092012105

    211December 3, 2132012145 215 216December 2179, 2182012195

    220Week 4

    222December 12247, 2252012265

    227December 10, 2015 230 231December 16, 2015

    234Week 2355

    236December 23724, 2382012395

    240December 17, 2015 243 244December 23, 2015

    247New Year249250s Eve

    252December 31, 2012555

    256November 25715, 2582012595 260 261December 30, 2012645

    265(5) 266Prize Structure.

    268(a) 269The prizes, number of winners and estimated odds in 278each of 280the 281five 282weekly drawings are as follows287:

    288Weekly Drawing Prize Structure


    293Prize Amount

    295Number of Winners per Weekly Drawing

    301Estimated Odds*












    316Overall 1:746

    318*319The estimated odds are 323based on the presumptions that 328Holiday 329MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 331tickets are 333sold proportionally throughout the 337Holiday 338MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 340sales period 342and all 344Holiday 345MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets are sold 350by December 23, 2015354. 355The actual odds of winning a weekly prize depend 364on 365the number of tickets sold for each weekly drawing.

    374(b) The prizes, number of winners and estimated odds in the New Year’s Eve drawing are as follows392:

    393New Year’s Eve 396Drawing Prize Structure


    400Prize Amount

    402Number of Winners

    405Estimated Odds407*408*




















    442Overall 1:1,371

    445*446*447The estimated odds of winning a prize in the 456New Year’s Eve 459drawing are 461based on the presumption that 466all 467Holiday 468MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 470tickets are sold.

    473(4746475) 476Holiday 477MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 479tickets will automatically print from the terminal with 487raffle 488ticket numbers issued in sequential order from 000001 to 497750498000 as they are sold 503throughout 504the state. Each 507Holiday 508MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 510ticket will contain only one 515raffle 516ticket number. Players cannot select their own 523raffle 524ticket numbers.

    526(5277528) 529Holiday 530MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 532tickets cannot be cance536led.

    537(5388539) 540Holiday 541MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 543Drawings. 544Drawings shall be conducted using a certi551fied random generation process.

    555(a) 556Weekly Drawings. 558In each weekly drawing, 562only 563raffle 564ticket 565number566s purchased during the corresponding sales period will be included in the drawing. T580he 581first 582raffle 583ticket number 585drawn will win 588the 589first prize591. 592The 593second 594through 595the 596two hundred and first 600raffle 601ticket 602numbers drawn will 605each 606win 607a second prize610. 611A total of 6141,005 616prizes will be 619available 620in the five weekly drawings625.

    6261. 627In the event that all 750,000 634Holiday 635MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets sell out 640during a weekly drawing sales period in which there are fewer tickets in the weekly drawing than weekly prizes to be awarded, 662a two-part drawing for that weekly sales period will be held on the date scheduled. Part one of the drawing will include only those 686raffle 687ticket 688numbers sold 690during the sales period. 694One 695raffle 696ticket number will be drawn to determ703ine the $10,000 weekly winner. 709All remaining 711raffle 712ticket numbers sold during the sales period will each win a second prize. Part two of the drawing will include all 750,000 735raffle 736ticket 737number738s, 739except that, 741raffle 742ticket numbers that were included in part one of the drawing 753and raffle ticket numbers selected in the prior weekly drawings 763will 764be excluded and 767in768eligible for a prize772. The number of 776eligible 777raffle 778ticket 779number780s 781drawn in part two of the drawing will be equal to the number of second prizes remaining after part one of the drawing is conducted. 806Each raffle ticket number drawn will win a second prize816. 817The overall odds of winning a prize in part one of the drawing are 1:1. The overall odds of winning a prize in part two of the drawing are (201 minus the number of 851raffle 852tickets included in part one of the drawing) in (750,000 minus the number of 867raffle 868ticket869s 870included in part one of the drawing 877and 878the number of 881raffle ticket883s 884selected in the prior weekly drawings890).

    8912. 892In the event that all 897750,898000 899Holiday 900MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets sell out and there are no 909ticket 910sales 911during a weekly 914sales period, 916the prizes 918for that sales period 922will be awarded in a drawing 928on the date scheduled. The drawing 934will include all 937750,000 939raffle 940tick941et 942number943s, 944ex945cept that, 947raffle ticket numbers selected in the prior weekly drawings 956will be 958excluded and 960in961eligible for a prize. 965Prizes 966will be awarded in the order 972the raffle 974ticket 975numbers 976are 977drawn978. 979The overall odds of winning a prize are 987201 988in 989750,990000 991minus the number of raffle tickets selected in the prior weekly drawings1003.

    1004(b) 1005New Year’s Eve 1008Drawing. In the 1011New Year’s Eve 1014drawing, all 1016raffle 1017ticket1018s 1019sold 1020during 1021the 1022New Year’s Eve 1025d1026rawing 1027sales period 1029wi1030ll be included in the drawing. 1036The 1037first 1038through 1039seventh 1040raffle 1041ticket 1042number1043s 1044drawn will 1046each 1047win 1048a 1049first prize. The 1052eighth 1053through the 1055twenty-1056second 1057raffle 1058ticket 1059numbers drawn will 1062each 1063win a second prize1067. 1068The 1069twenty-1070third 1071through 1072the 1073forty-1074seventh 1075raffle 1076ticket 1077numbers drawn will 1080each 1081win a third prize 1085and the 1087forty-1088eighth 1089through 1090the five hundred and forty-1095seventh 1096raffle 1097ticket 1098numbers drawn will 1101each 1102win a fourth prize. 1106A total of 5111047 1111prizes will be 1114available 1115in the 1117New Year’s Eve 1120drawing.

    1121(c) Holiday 1123MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE drawings 1126shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm. Winning raffle ticket numbers will be available after each drawing on the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com. The top prize winning raffle ticket number(s) will be available after each drawing at Florida Lottery retailers.

    1180(118191182) 1183Upon 1184validation of a winning 1188weekly drawing 1190Holiday 1191MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket 1194valued at greater than $500, 1199the terminal will produce “player claim instructions” and a “continuation ticket1210” for the 1213New Year’s Eve 1216drawing. 1217T1218he 1219Holiday 1220MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE continuation ticket automatically issued for the claimant shall be the instrument from which 1235a 1236claim 1237on the 1239New Year’s Eve 1242drawing 1243will be 1245paid1246. 1247Holiday 1248MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets and 1252Holiday 1253MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE continuation tickets are the only valid receipts to redeem a prize1266.

    1267(12681126901270) 1271Winning Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets valued at $500 may be presented to a Florida Lottery retailer, Florida Lottery district office or Florida Lottery Headquarters for payment. 1297Winning 1298Holiday 1299MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 1301tickets 1302valued at 1304$13055,000, 1307$10,000 and 1310$131150,1312000 1313must be presented to a Florida Lottery office 1321for payment. 1323Winning 1324Holiday 1325MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 1327tickets 1328valued at 1330$1,0133200,000 1334must be 1336presented 1337at 1338Florida 1339Lottery 1340h1341eadquarters 1342for payment1344. 1345Information about procedures for filing a claim can be obtained at flalottery.com or by calling 1360(13618501362)1363487-771364813657 (TDD 1367(13688501369)487-7784).

    1370(13711137211373) 1374Holiday 1375MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 1377prizes must be claimed within 180 days from the date of the drawing1390.

    1391(13921139321394) 1395From 1396November 139715, 139820113995, 1400through 140111:59:59 p.m. 1403(1404ET1405) 1406on December 30, 20114105, 1411Holiday 1412MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE tickets 1415will be 1417available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and midnight, subject to a retail1433er’s hours of operation, 1437on-line system availability and 1441Holiday 1442MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket availability1446.

    1447(1448131449) Players must be at least 18 years of age. Persons prohibited by Section 146324.116, 1464F1465.1466S1467., 1468from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    1479(1480141481) All 1483Holiday 1484MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 1486prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, F1496.1497S1498., 1499and rules promulgated thereunder1503. 1504Prizes will be paid in accordance with 1511the 1512rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 1521A copy 1523of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    1547(1548151549) Payment of all federal, sta1555te and/or local taxes will be the responsibility of the winner. 1566Applicable 1567Federal withholding taxes will be 1572withheld 1573from $15751,1576000,000, $157950,000 and $10,000 1584cash 1585prize 1586payments.

    1587Rulemaking 1588Authority 158924.105(9), 159024.109(1) FS. 1592Law Implemented 159424.105(9), 159524.115(1) FS. 1597History–New 159811-12-151599.