53ER15-66. Retailer Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ Bonus Commission Program  

Effective on Thursday, November 12, 2015
  • 153ER2135-466 5Retailer 6Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE9 10Bonus Commission Program.

    13(1) 14Beginning on November 15, 2015, and continuing through December 30, 2015, t26he Florida Lottery will 30conduct, as a retailer sales incentive, a Retailer 38Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE4142Bonus 43Commission Program (“Program”) 46in which the Florida Lottery will award bonus commissions to Florida Lottery 58retailers who 60sell a winning 63$1 million 65Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 68ticket 69in the 71Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 74New Year’s Eve 77drawing 78on December 31, 201582.

    83(2) The bonus commission for selling a winning $1 92million Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket is $995,100000.

    101(1023103) Award of a bonus commission is not dependent upon 113a 114winning 115$1 million 117Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 120ticket 121being claimed by the winner.

    126(4) Retailers will receive their bonus commission within approximately three weeks of the 139drawing.

    140(1415142) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the bonus commission award shall be paid the bonus commission earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with Chapter 24, F179.180S181., 182Chapter 53, F185.A.186C187., 188or 189terms of the192ir 193retailer contract195.

    196(1976198) A bonus commission will be considered compensation to the retailer for Int211ernal Revenue Service purposes. 215The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply a bonus commission earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery, and to award the remaining balance of 243the bonus commission, if any.

    248Rulemaking Authority 25024.105(9)(i), 25124.109(1) FS. 253Law Implemented 25524.105(9)(i), 25624.112(1) FS. 258History–New 25911260-12612262-12635264.