53ER16-33. MONOPOLY™ FLORIDA EDITION Retailer Book Activation Promotion  

Effective on Wednesday, June 29, 2016
  • 1(1) Beginning Tuesday, July 5, 2016, through Wednesday, July 6, 2016, the Florida Lottery will conduct the MONOPOLY19 20Florida Edition Retailer Book Activation Promotion (“Promotion”) in which Florida Lottery retailers will have a chance to win $4,00040.

    41(2) Florida Lottery retailers who activate at least one book of each of the five MONOPOLY Florida Edition Scratch-Off games (also known as instant games) by midnight 68(69ET70) 71on Wednesday, July 6, 2016, will be entered into one of eighteen drawings to be held on Monday, July 25, 2016. The five MONOPOLY Florida Edition 97games are:

    99(a) $10,000 MONOPOLY Fl104orida Edition Game Number 1309;

    109(b) $50,000 MONOPOLY Fl114orida Edition Game Number 1310;

    119(c) $500,000 MONOPOLY F124lorida Edition Game Number 1311

    129(d) $2,000,000 MONOPOLY Florid135a Edition Game Number 1312; and,

    141(e) $5,000,000 MONOPOLY Florida Edition Game Number 1313.

    151(3) Drawings and Prizes. The eighteen retailer drawings, determined by district and retailer category (corporate or independent), will be conducted by the Florida Lottery using a certified random number generation process. The number of entries drawn and prizes awarded will be in accordance with the following table:

    198Lottery Sales District

    201Prize Per Retailer

    204Number of Corporate Retailer Prizes

    209Number of Independent Retailer Prizes

    214District 1 216 217Tallahassee




    222District 3 ‒ 225Pensacola




    230District 4 ‒ 233Jacksonville




    238District 5 ‒ 241Gainesville




    246District 6 ‒ 249Orlando




    254District 9 ‒ 257Tampa




    262District 10 ‒ 265Ft. Myers




    271District 11 ‒ 274West P276alm Beach




    282District 13 ‒ 285Miami




    290A total of 52 $4,000 prizes will be awarded in the Promotion.

    303An individual retailer location may only win one prize per drawing. Alternate entries will be drawn in each drawing. The number of alternat326e entries drawn will be twice the number of prizes to be awarded in that drawing. Alternate entries will be used as needed in the order in which they are drawn to award a prize in the event a retailer’s entry is disqualified. Retailers will be subject to disqualification if the Florida Lottery determines that the return of one or more of the qualifying books of tickets invalidates the entry or if the retailer is not in good financial standing with the Florida Lottery or is not in an “active” retailer status at the time of prize payment.

    424(4) Winning retailers will receive their Promotion prize check within approximately thirty days of the 439drawing.

    440(5) If a retailer is unable to timely activate the required book(s) due to untimely delivery of inventory, the Florida Lottery, in its sole discretion, may allow a retailer to be entered into the applicable retailer drawing provided;

    478(a) 479T480he retailer submits a written request for inclusion in the drawing for receipt by the Florida Lottery by 5:00 p.m. 500(501ET502) 503on July 12, 2016; and,

    508(b) 509T510he retailer’s request demonstrates to the Florida Lottery’s satisfaction that failure of the retailer to timely activate the required book(s) was due to untimely delivery of inventory, th538rough no fault of the retailer.

    544The Florida Lottery’s determination regarding the retailer’s request shall be 554final.

    555(6) A promotional prize will be considered compensation to the retailer for Int568ernal Revenue Service purposes.

    572Rulemaking Authority 57424.105(9)(i), 57524.109(1) FS. 577Law Implemented 57924.105(9)(i), 58024.112(1) FS. 582History583584New 6-29-16.