53ER16-53. GROUPER® Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, September 29, 2016
  • 1(1) Beginning October 3, 2016, and continuing through December 4, 2016, the Florida Lottery will conduct the GROUPER19® 20Promotion. During the promotion period, players must ask a Florida Lottery retailer for a “35GROUPER36®37” play to receive five (5) Quick Pick tickets for $5.00 (a $6.00 value), except as provided in subsection (3), 57below. A 59GROUPER60® 61play is comprised of one (1) ticket of each of the following five (5) online terminal games:

    78(a) $1 FLORIDA LOTTO82®;

    83(b) $2 FANTASY 587® 88with EZmatch90;

    91(c) $1 PICK 395 96Straight/Box;

    97(d) $1 PICK 4101 102Straight/Box; and,

    104(e) FREE $1 LUCKY MONEY109110.

    111(2) The tickets in a 116GROUPER117® 118play will be for the next available drawing and cannot b129e player-selected or canceled.

    133(3) If the Quick Pick numbers selected for either the PICK 3145146or PICK 4149 150game have been cut off for the day due to the game’s liability limit being reached, the ticket or tickets for the affected game or games will not print. In such instance, the player’s purchase price will be automatically adjusted and the player will receive the remaining 197GROUPER198® 199tickets, including the promotional FREE $1 LUCKY MONEY207 208ticket.

    209Rulemaking Authority 21124.105(9), 21224.109(1) FS. 214Law Implemented 21624.105(9), 21724.115(1) FS. 219History220221New 9-29-16.