53ER16-55. POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER17-72)  

Effective on Wednesday, October 19, 2016
  • 1(1) 2Defini3tions.

    4The following words and 8terms, when used in this rule, have the following meanings, unless the context clearly indicates otherwise:

    24(a) 25Advertised Jackpot Prize 2829T30he estimated annuitized 33Jackpot 34Prize amount as determined by MUSL prior to the 43Jackpot 44Prize drawing. The “Advertised 48Jackpot 49Prize” is not a guaranteed prize amount and the actual 59Jackpot 60Prize amount may vary from the advertised amount, except in circumstances where there is a guaranteed 76Jackpot Prize amount as described in paragraph (8)(84e85)86.

    87(88b89) 90Drawing 9192refers collectively to the formal draw event for randomly selecting the winning indicia that determine the number of winners for each prize level of the P118OWERBALL119® 120game and the Power Play125® 126multiplier. Winning indicia include the Winning Numbers for the 135POWERBALL 136game, and the Power Play multiplier.

    142(143c144) 145Jackpot Prize 147148The top prize in the P154OWERBALL 155game.

    156(157d158) 159MUSL 160161The M163ulti-State Lottery Association.

    166(e) 167MUSL Board 169170The governing body of the MUSL.

    176(177f178) 179Product Group 181(“Product Group”183) 184185The group of 188lotteries that have joined together to offer the 196POWERBALL 197lottery game under the terms of the MUSL 205Agreement 206and MUSL Powerball Product Group rules.

    212(213g214) 215Play 216217T218he six numbers, 221the first five 224chosen 225from a field of sixty-nine numbers and the last one 235chosen 236from a field of twenty-six 241numbers, 242that appear on a ticket as a single lettered selection to be played by a player in the P261OWERBALL 262game.

    263(264h265) 266Set 267Prize 268269All prizes except the 273Jackpot 274Prize and, except as set forth in paragraph282s 283(28410285)286(287g288) and 290(291h292), will be equal to the prize amount established by 302the Product Group 305for the prize level.

    309(310i311) 312313Winning Numbers315 316means the 318indicia 319randomly selected during a 323d324rawing which shall be used to determine winning 332P333lays for the P337OWERBALL 338game contained on a ticket.

    343(2) How to Play 347POWERBALL348.

    349(a) POWERBALL is a multi-state lottery 355draw 356game 357(also known as an online lottery game) 364which is offered to players in Florida by the Florida Lottery 375via 376authorized 377Florida Lottery retailers380. 381In POWERBALL, players select five numbers from a field of one through 393sixty394-nine and one Powerball number from a separate field of one through 406twenty-six 407for each Play410.

    411(b) Players may make their POWERBALL ticket selections by marking a play slip or by telling the reta429iler their desired selections. 433There are five panels on a play slip, each containing an upper play area and a lower play area. Each panel played will cost $2.00 per 459Play, per 461drawing. Players may mark their desired numbers on the play slip by selecting six numbers (five in the upper play area and one in the lower play area) from each panel played. Players 494may also mark the “QP499 500(Quick Pick) 502box located at the bottom of each play area for the terminal to randomly select any or all of the six numbers from either or both play areas. 530A “Void” box is also located at the bottom of each panel and should be marked by the player if an error was made in his or her selections in a panel. For each panel played, the first five of the six numbers appearing in a single horizontal row on a POWERBALL ticket shall be the numbers selected from the upper play area of the play slip, and the last number shall be the Powerball number selected from the lower play area of the play slip.

    616(617c618) Players must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. Play slips 634may 635be processed 637through a Florida Lottery 641full service 643vending machine or 646processed 647by a retailer to obtain a ticket. Retailers also are authorized to manually enter numbers selected by a player.

    666(667d668) 669Advance Play. 671Players may play up to fifty-two consecutive POWERBALL drawings by using the “advance play” feature. To use the advance play feature, players may either mark the number of drawings desired in the “Advance Play” section of a play slip or tell the retailer their desired number of consecutive advance drawings. The number of consecutive drawings marked will include the next available drawing and will apply to each panel (A-E) played. 741In the event that a planned change in the POWERBALL game requires that the number of advance plays available for purchase be reduced to zero before implementation of the change, an advance play countdown schedule will be posted on the Lottery’s website. 783Advance play is not available with Jackpot Combo.

    791(792e793) 794Jackpot Combo. Players may elect to play “Jackpot Combo” by 804marking the “Jackpot Combo $5” box on the play slip or by 816telling the retailer. Players will receive three Quick Pick tickets for the next available drawing consisting of one (1) $2.00 FLORIDA LOTTO838® 839with XTRA ticket, one $2.00 POWERBALL845® 846ticket and one $1.00 MEGA MILLIONS852® 853ticket. Tickets in Jackpot Combo play cannot be player selected and cannot be canceled.

    867(868f869) For an additional $1.00 per 875Play, 876players may mark the Power Play box to 884increase 885the second through 888ninth 889prizes. Power Play will apply to all panels 897and advance play marked.

    901(3) POWERBALL Drawings.

    904(a) POWERBALL drawings 907to determine the Winning Numbers 912shall be conducted by MUSL two times per week, on Wednesday and Saturday, 925at 926approximately 10:59 p.m. 929(930ET931)932.

    933(b) The Florida Lottery shall not be responsible for incorrect circulation, publication or broadcast of official 949Winning Numbers951.

    952(4) Determination of Prize Winners.

    957In order for a ticket to be a winning ticket, numbers appearing in a single horizontal row on the ticket must match the official 981POWERBALL 982Winning Numbers 984in any order for the draw990ing 991date for which the ticket was purchased, in one 1000of the following combinations:

    1004(a) 1005Jackpot 1006Prize: Five numbers selected from the first set of balls plus the Powerball number selected from the second set of balls.

    1027(b) 1028Second Prize: Five numbers selected from the first set of balls and not the Powerball numbe1044r from the second set of balls.

    1051(c) Third Prize: 1054Four numbers selected from the first set of balls plus the 1065Powerball 1066number selected from the second set of balls.

    1074(d) 1075Fourth Prize: Four numbers selected from the first set of balls and not the 1089Powerball 1090numbe1091r from the second set of balls.

    1098(e) 1099Fifth Prize: Three numbers selected from the first set of balls plus the Powerball number selected from the second set of balls.

    1121(f) 1122Sixth Prize: Three numbers selected from the first set of balls and not the Powerball number 1138from the second set of balls.

    1144(g) Seventh Prize: Two numbers selected from the first set of balls plus the Powerball number selecte1161d from the second set of balls.

    1168(h) 1169Eighth Prize: One number selected from the first set of balls plus the Powerball number selected from the second set of balls.

    1191(i) Ninth Prize: No numbers selected from the first set of balls and the Powerball number selected 1208from the second set of balls.

    1214(5) Limited to Highest Prize Won. The holder of a winning ticket may win only one prize per 1232Play 1233in connection with the 1237Winning Numbers 1239drawn and shall be entitled only to the prize won by those numbers in the highest matching prize category. 1258All liabilities for a POWERBALL prize are discharged 1266upon payment 1268of a prize claim.

    1272(127361274) POWERBALL Odds of Winning.

    1279(a) The odds of winning the prizes described in subsection (4) are as follows:

    12931. 1294Jackpot 1295Prize 129612971: 1298292,201,3381301.0000

    13022. Second Prize 130513061: 130711,688,053.5200

    13103. Third Prize 131313141: 1315913,129.1813

    13174. Fourth Prize 132013211:132236,525.1673

    13245. Fifth Prize 132713281:132914,494.1140

    13316. Sixth Prize 133413351:1336579.7646

    13377. Seventh Prize 134013411:1342701.3281

    13438. Eighth Prize 134613471:134891.9775

    13499. Ninth Prize 135213531:135438.3239

    1355(b) The overall odds of winning a prize in a POWERBALL drawing are 1:136924.86711370.

    1371(137271373) POWERBALL Prize Pool.

    1377(a) 1378The 1379POWERBALL 1380Prize Pool 1382for all prize categories shall consist of 1389fifty percent 1391of each drawing period’s sales1396. 1397The POWERBALL 1399P1400rize 1401P1402ool shall be funded in accordance with criteria set by the Product Group.

    1415(1416b1417) 1418Expected 1419P1420rize 1421P1422ayout 1423P1424ercentages. 1425The 1426Jackpot 1427Prize 1428payout 1429shall be determined on a pari-m1435utuel basis. 1437Except as provided in these rules, all other prizes awarded shall be paid as 1451Set P1453rizes with the following expected prize payout percentages, 1461although the 1463actual 1464prize payout percentage per draw1469ing 1470will 1471vary 1472by draw1474ing1475.




    1476Estimated 1477Percentage of




    1481Prize 1482Pool Allocated




    1487to Prize Category

    1490Five first set numbers and the Powerball number

    1498Jackpot 1499Prize

    1500Jackpot 1501Prize


    1505Five first set numbers

    1509Second Prize



    1516Four first set numbers and the Powerball number

    1524Third Prize



    1531Four first set numbers

    1535Fourth Prize



    1541Three first set numbers and the Powerball number

    1549Fifth Prize



    1555Three first set numbers

    1559Sixth Prize



    1565Two first set numbers and the Powerball number

    1573Seventh Prize



    1579One first set number and the Powerball number

    1587Eighth Prize



    1592The Powerball number

    1595Ninth Prize



    1600(1601c1602) 1603Prize money allocated to the 1608Jackpot 1609Prize category will be divided equally by the number of 1619Plays 1620determined to be winners of the 1626Jackpot 1627Prize.

    1628(1629d1630) 1631The number of 1634P1635lays determined to be winners of the second through ninth prize categories will be paid as 1651Set P1653rizes, except as provided in paragraph1659s 1660(1661101662)1663(1664g1665) and 1667(1668h1669), 1670below. If all or any portion of the 1678Set Prize 1680pool is not awarded in the current POWERBALL drawing, that portion of the 1693Set Prize 1695pool shall be carried forward to subsequent POWERBALL drawings.

    1704(1705e1706) 1707Any interest or earnings accrued on a POWERBALL 1715Set Prize 1717prior to prize payment shall accrue to 1724MUSL 1725and not to the winner.

    1730(173181732) POWERBALL 1734Jackpot 1735Prize 1736Payment1737.

    1738(a) 1739Shares of the Jackpot Prize shall be determined by dividing the funds available in the Jackpot Prize pool equally among all winning plays of the Jackpot Prize. 1766Neither MUSL nor the Florida Lottery shall be responsible or liable for the difference between the Advertised or estimated Jackpot Prize amount and the actual Jackpot Prize amount after the prize payment method is known to MUSL.

    1803(1804b1805) 1806Players can cho1809ose one of two payment options for receiving their portion of the 1821POWERBALL 1822Jackpot 1823Prize1824. Payment options are “Cash Option” 1830(which may be referred to as a “single lump sum payment”) 1841and “Annual Payment.” 1844Jackpot 1845Prize winners have sixty days after the winning draw date to choose between the two payment options. Once the 1864Jackpot 1865Prize winner signs the Winner Claim Form, files a claim and exercises the winner18791880s chosen option, the election of that option shall be final and cannot be revoked, withdrawn or otherwise changed except as provided in 1903sub1904paragraph (190681907)(1908d1909)19106., 1911below.

    1912(1913c1914) 1915Cash Option 1917Payment1918.

    1919If the Jackpot Prize is not a guaranteed amount, the Cash Option amount offered shall be the cash amount available in the Jackpot Prize pool divided by the number of winners. If the Jackpot Prize is a guaranteed amount, 1958the Cash Option amount offered shall be determined as set forth in subparagraphs (8)1972(e) 19732. and 3., as applicable. 1978In order to select the Cash Option, the 1986Jackpot 1987Prize winner must submit his or her ticket for payment within sixty days after the winnin2003g draw date. If the 2008Jackpot 2009Prize 2010winner does not elect the Cash Option within sixty days after the winning draw date, the Annual Payment option will be applied, except as provided in 2036sub2037paragraph (203982040)(2041d2042)20434., 2044below. 2045A 2046Jackpot 2047Prize winner who chooses the Cash Option 2054payment 2055will receive 2057his or her share in a single 2064lump sum 2066payment, 2067less applicable 2069federal income tax 2072withholding.

    2073(2074d2075) 2076Annual Payment Option.

    20791. 2080If a 2082Jackpot 2083Prize winner elects the Annual Payment option, his or her share of the 2096Jackpot 2097Prize will be paid in thirty 2103graduated 2104annual installments 2106that will increase 2109by a rate determined by the Product Group, 2117less applicable 2119federal income tax 2122withholding2123.

    21242. The Florida Lottery will make 2130the initial 2132annual 2133payment of a prize 2137and all further annual payments 2142u2143pon receipt of funds from MUSL.

    21493. 2150The 2151amount of the 2154annual 2155prize 2156payment 2157shall be determined by multiplying the winner’s share of the 2167Jackpot 2168Prize pool by 2171a process as approved by the MUSL Board. 2179MUSL shall purchase and hold the investments 2186to 2187fund the 2189Jackpot 2190Prize winner’s 2192annual 2193prize payments.

    21954. 2196If 2197the winner’s 2199share of the 2202Jackpot Prize 2204is less 2206than $250,000, the Product Group 2212is authorized to 2215pay 2216such 2217winner their 2219Grand Prize 2221share 2222in one lump sum payment, without regard either to the winner’s choice of prize payment method or to whether the winner claimed the Grand Prize share more than sixty days after the drawing2255.

    22565. 2257Annuitized payment of the 2261Jackpot 2262prize or a share of the 2268Jackpot 2269prize will be rounded 2273down 2274to the nearest one thousand dollars ($1,000) to facilitate the purchase of an appropriate funding mechanism. Rounding differences on an annuitized 2296Jackpot 2297prize win shall be added to the first payment to the winner or winners. Prizes other than the 2315Jackpot 2316prize, which become single-payment, pari-mutuel prizes, will be rounded down so that prizes can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Rounding differences resulting from rounding these prizes shall be carried forward to the prize pool for the next drawing.

    23566. 2357In the event of the death during the annuity payment period of a POWERBALL winner who elected the Annual Payment option, the estate of the deceased winner (the “Estate”) may 2387make a written request to 2392the Florida Lottery to accelerate payment of all the remaining 2402prize proceeds to the Estate. 2407Such 2408request 2409will be forwarded by the Florida Lottery to MUSL for processing. 2420MUSL will decide, in its sole discretion, whether or not to grant the payment, and if so, the form of such payment, whether in securities or cash.

    2447(2448e2449) Guaranteed 2451Minimum 2452Jackpot 2453Prize. 2454The minimum guaranteed annuity 2458Jackpot 2459Prize 2460amount is $40 million 2464and each successive Jackpot Prize in the same roll cycle will be at least $10 million more than the previously established jackpot. 2486When the Jackpot Prize is won at the guaranteed minimum, the Jackpot Prize 2499shares 2500shall be determined as follows:

    25051. If there are multiple 2510Jackpot 2511Prize winners during a single drawing, each selecting the Annual Payment option, then a winner's share of the guaranteed 2530Jackpot 2531Prize shall be determined by dividing the guaranteed 2539minimum 2540Jackpot 2541Prize by the number of 2546winning plays2548.

    25492. If there are multiple 2554Jackpot 2555Prize winners during a single drawing and at least one of the 2567Jackpot 2568Prize winners has elected the Annual Payment option, then the 2578MUSL Annuity Factor shall be utilized to determine the cash pool. 2589The cost of the annuitized prize(s) will be determined at the time the annuity is purchased through a process as approved by the MUSL Board.

    26143. If no winner of the 2620Jackpot 2621Prize during a single drawing has elected the Annual Payment option, then the amount of cash in the 2639Jackpot 2640Prize pool shall be an amount equal to the guaranteed 2650minimum 2651amount divided by the 2655MUSL Annuity Factor.

    2658(2659f2660) Federal income taxes shall be applied and withheld from the prize amount at the time payment is made, pursuant to applicable provisions of the Internal Revenue Code and Code of Federal Regulations.

    2693(2694g2695) Any interest or earnings accrued on a POWERBALL 2704Jackpot 2705Prize prior to prize payment shall accrue to MUSL and not to the winner.

    2719(2720h2721) If the Jackpot Prize is not won in a drawing, the prize money allocated for the Jackpot Prize shall roll over and be added to the Jackpot Prize 2750pool for the following drawing.

    2755(9) Set Prize Payment. 2759Set Prizes shall be paid in a single cash payment, less 2770any 2771applicable federal 2773income tax 2775withholding.

    2776(10) Power Play2779®2780.

    2781(a) 2782Power Play Prize Pool. The Power Play Prize Pool for all Power Play prize categories shall consist of 2800fifty percent 2802of each drawing period’s sales. 2807The Power Play Prize Pool shall be funded in accordance with criteria set by the Product Group. 2824The 2825actual 2826prize payout percentage per drawing 2831will 2832vary 2833by drawing2835. 2836The Power Play Prize Pool shall be carried forward t2846o 2847subsequent drawings if all or a portion of it is not needed to pay the Power Play prizes awarded in the current drawing.

    2870(2871b2872) 2873The Power Play option shall be available in association with the POWERBALL game. 2886At the time of purchasing a POWERBALL ticket, a player may choose the Power Play option for an additional $1.00 per play for each play on the POWERBALL ticket 2915to increase the guaranteed prize amount for the second through ninth tier prizes. 2928The POWERBALL Jackpot Prize will not be eligible for increase under the Power Play option2943.

    2944(c) 2945Power Play 2947Drawing2948. A separate, 2951random Power Play drawing will 2956be conducted 2958and the results 2961announced during each of the regular POWERBALL drawings. 2969In 2970each Power Play drawing, 2974the number 29762, 3, 4, 5 or 10 shall be drawn 2985(the 2986Power Play number, 2989sometimes called the multiplier number2994)2995. 2996W2997hen the 2999initially 3000A3001dvertised Jackpot Prize 3004for a drawing 3007is $150 million or less, 3012the 3013possible 3014Power Play 3016numbers included in the Power Play drawing will be 2, 3, 4, 5 and 10. When the 3033initially 3034A3035dvertised Jackpot 3037Prize 3038for a drawing 3041is greater than $150 million, the 3047possible 3048Power Play 3050numbers included in the Power Play drawing will be 2, 3, 4 and 5. 3064The 3065Power Play 3067number drawn will 3070increase the value of the prizes for the 3078second tier as provided below. 3083The Power Play number will 3088be used to multiply the value of the prizes for the third through ninth tiers.

    3103(d) 3104The following table sets forth the probability of the various 3114Power Play 3116numbers being drawn during a single Power Play drawing3125.

    3126When the 10X 3129Power Play 3131is available:



    3134Probability of Prize Increase

    3138Chance of Occurrence


    31421 in 43



    31472 in 43



    31523 3153in 43



    315713 in 43



    316224 in 43





    3166When the 10X 3169Power Play 3171is not available:



    3175Probability of Prize Increase

    3179Chance of Occurrence


    31830 in 42



    31882 in 42



    31933 in 42



    319813 in 42



    320324 in 42


    3207(e) Application of 3210Power Play 3212Number3213.

    32141. 3215Second Prize. The Power Play number selected increases the 3224S3225econd Prize for a winning POWERBALL with Power Play ticket to $2,000,000.00, except as provided in 3243paragraphs 3244(10)(3245g3246) and (3249h3250).

    32512. 3252Third through Ninth Prizes. The Power Play number selected increases the prize amount for the Third through Ninth Prizes. A Third through Ninth Prize winner who purchased the Power Play feature with his or her POWERBALL ticket shall be paid a prize in the amount of the Set Prize amount multiplied by the Power Play number for that drawing3311.

    33123. 3313Jackpot Prize. The Power Play feature does not apply to the Jackpot Prize.

    3326(3327f3328) 3329POWERBALL tickets that win the Second through Ninth Prizes with the Power Play option will pay the amounts shown below:





    3351Without Power


    3354With Power

    3356Play 2X

    3358With Power

    3360Play 3X

    3362With Power

    3364Play 4X

    3366With Power

    3368Play 5X

    3370With Power

    3372Play 10X

    3374Match 5+0








    3395Match 4+1








    3410Match 4+0








    3420Match 3+1








    3430Match 3+0








    3439Match 2+1








    3448Match 1+1








    3457Match 0+1








    3466(3467g3468) 3469If, with respect to a single POWERBALL drawing, the total of the POWERBALL 3482Set Prizes 3484and the Power Play prizes awarded in a drawing 3493exceeds the percentage in the prize pools allocated to the 3503Set Prizes 3505and 3506the Power Play 3509prizes 3510and 3511there 3512are in3514sufficient funds 3516from all sources 3519to pay the 3522Set Prizes 3524for a particular POWERBALL drawing and 3530the 3531associated Power Play 3534prizes, 3535the highest 3537Set Prize, 3539including the 3541Power Play prize amounts, 3545shall become a pari-mutuel prize. If the amount of the highest 3556Set Prize, 3558when paid as a pari-mutuel prize, is less than or equal to the next highest 3573Set Prize 3575and there are still not sufficient funds to pay the remaining prizes, the next highest 3590Set Prize, 3592including the 3594Power Play prize amounts, 3598shall become a pari-mutuel prize. If necessary under the same test set forth in the preceding sentence, each succeeding 3617Set Prize 3619level shall be converted to a pari-mutuel prize, in order, until all 3631Set Prizes 3633become pari-mutuel. 3635In that instance, the money available from the funding sources shall be divided among the winning 3651P3652lays in proportion to their respective prize percentages. 3660POWERBALL 3661and Power Play prizes will be reduced by the same percentage.

    3672(3673h3674) When the POWERBALL 3678Set Prizes 3680become pari-mutuel, the POWERBALL 3684Set Prize 3686amounts will be less than the amount shown in paragraph (369773698)(b) above, 3700and the Power Play prizes shall be changed to an amou3711nt announced after the drawing.

    3716(3717i3718) Power Play 3721Set Prizes 3723which become pari-mutuel will be rounded down so that they can be paid in multiples of whole dollars. Funds remaining after rounding shall be carried forward to the p3752rize pool for the next drawing.

    3758(3759j3760) 3761A3762ll Power Play prizes shall be paid in 3770a 3771single 3772lump-sum payment, 3774less 3775any 3776applicable federal 3778income tax withholding3781.

    3782(3783113784) POWERBALL Rules and Prohibitions.

    3789(a) 3790By purchasing a POWERBALL ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules of the Florida Lottery.

    3810(b) 3811Florida POWERBALL prizes shall be claimed only through a Florida Lottery retailer 3823(3824for prizes less than $600) 3829or Lottery office beginning on the 3835first business 3837day following the drawing. The Lottery is not authorized to accept claims or pay prizes for POWERBALL tickets purchased in other jurisdictions. 3859POWERBALL prize payments shall be made in accordance with 3868the 3869rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    3902(c) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and on-line system availability, POWERBALL lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:039300 midnight 3932(3933ET3934)3935. 3936Ticket sales for a specific POWERBALL drawing will close at 10:00 p.m. 3948(3949ET3950), 3951on the night of the drawing. Any ticket sold after the close of game will 3966be printed with the next POWERBALL draw3973ing 3974date.

    3975(d) POWERBA3977LL tickets cannot be canceled.

    3982(3983123984) The effective date of this rule is 3992October 19, 399420163995.

    3996Rulemaking 3997Authority 399824.1053999(9)(a), (b), (c), (e), (f), (h), 400524.109(1), 400624.115(1) FS. 4008Law Implemented 24.1401105(9)(a), (b), (c) (e), (f), 4016(h), 401724.115(1), 401824.124(1) FS. 4020History40214022New 402310-19-402416, 4025Replaces 4026540273ER140286-104029.