53ER16-61. Retailer Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE™ Bonus Commission Program  

Effective on Monday, October 31, 2016
  • 153ER16-61 Retailer Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE6 7Bonus Commission Program.

    10(1) Beginning on October 31, 2016, and continuing through January 2, 2017, the Florida Lottery will conduct, as a retailer sales incentive, a Retailer Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE3738Bonus Commission Program (“Program”) in which the Florida Lottery will award bonus commissions to Florida Lottery retailers who sell a winning $1 million Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket in the Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE Grand Prize drawing on January 3, 2017.

    77(2) The bonus commission for selling a winning $1 million Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE ticket is $5,93000.

    94(3) Award of a bonus commission is not dependent upon a winning $1 million Holiday MILLIONAIRE RAFFLE 111ticket 112being claimed by the winner.

    117(4) Retailers will receive their bonus commission within approximately three weeks of the 130drawing.

    131(5) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the bonus commission award shall be paid the bonus commission earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with Chapter 24, F168.169S170., 171Chapter 53, F.A.C174., 175or terms of their retailer contract181.

    182(6) A bonus commission will be considered compensation to the retailer for Internal Revenue Service purposes. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply a bonus commission earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery, and to award the remaining balance of 226the bonus commission, if any.

    231Rulemaking Authority 23324.105(9)(i), 23424.109(1) FS. 236Law Implemented 23824.105(9)(i), 23924.112(1) FS. 241History242–New 10-31-16.