53ER17. Emergency Rule For Year 2017  

53ER17-1. Game Number 1332, $10,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER
53ER17-2. Game Number 1333, $50,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER
53ER17-3. Game Number 1334, $500,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER
53ER17-4. Game Number 1335, $2,000,000 GOLD RUSH DOUBLER
53ER17-5. Doubly Rich Second Chance Promotion
53ER17-6. Power Cruise™ Promotion (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER17-7. CASH4LIFE® (Replaced by 53ER17-41)
53ER17-8. CASH4LIFE® Retailer Drawings
53ER17-9. Retailer CASH4LIFE® Bonus Commission Program
53ER17-14. Game Number 1340, LOTERIA™
53ER17-15. Game Number 1341, LOTERIA™ GRANDE
53ER17-16. Game Number 5012, WHEEL OF FORTUNE®
53ER17-17. PICK 2™ (Replaced by 53ER18-35)
53ER17-18. PICK 3™ (Replaced by 53ER18-36)
53ER17-19. PICK 4™ (Replaced by 53ER18-37)
53ER17-20. PICK 5™ (Replaced by 53ER18-38)
53ER17-24. Spring 2017 GROUPER® Promotion
53ER17-25. GROUPER® Retailer Sales and Triple Sales Commission
53ER17-26. Retailer Scratch-Off Ticket Bonus Commission Program
53ER17-28. Game Number 1347, TRIPLE 777
53ER17-29. Game Number 1348, BONUS DOUBLE MATCH
53ER17-30. Game Number 1354, VERY CHERRY
53ER17-31. BONUS DOUBLE MATCH Retailer Double Sales Commission
53ER17-32. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules
53ER17-33. Game Number 1350, $500 A WEEK FOR LIFE
53ER17-34. Game Number 1351, $1,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE
53ER17-35. Game Number 1352, $2,500 A WEEK FOR LIFE
53ER17-36. Game Number 1353, $5,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE
53ER17-37. WEEK FOR LIFE Retailer Book Activation Promotion
53ER17-38. Cash Supply Second Chance Promotion (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER17-39. FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaced by 53ER17-71)
53ER17-40. End of Fiscal Year Retailer Bonus Sales Commission
53ER17-41. CASH4LIFE®
53ER17-42. Retailer Application and Fee Schedule
53ER17-43. Retailer Applicant Background Investigation
53ER17-44. Change in Retailer Condition or Retailer Ownership
53ER17-45. GROUPER®
53ER17-46. Game Number 1355, 2's FOR THE MONEY
53ER17-47. Game Number 1356, ACES AND 8's
53ER17-48. Game Number 1357, CA$H PAYOUT
53ER17-49. Game Number 1358, FULL OF $500's
53ER17-50. Game Number 1359, $2,000,000 CASHWORD
53ER17-51. CORNHOLE CASH™ (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER17-52. Fast Play CORNHOLE CASH™ Retailer Drawings (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER17-53. GameDay Cash Promotion
53ER17-54. Payment of Prizes
53ER17-55. Retailer Accountability
53ER17-56. Sale of Lottery Tickets
53ER17-57. Confidential Information
53ER17-58. Game Number 1360, TRIPLE WIN
53ER17-59. Game Number 1361, MONEY ROLL
53ER17-60. Game Number 1363, BANKROLL BINGO
53ER17-61. Game Number 1364, LUCKY 13
53ER17-62. Game Number 1362, $10,000 A WEEK FOR LIFE
53ER17-63. Waiver of Service Charges, Fees and/or Penalties for Retailers - Hurricane Irma (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER17-64. GameDay Cash Promotion Winner Notification Correction
53ER17-65. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER17-78)
53ER17-66. Game Number 1365, HOLIDAY CASH
53ER17-67. Game Number 1366, HOLIDAY CASH
53ER17-68. Game Number 1367, HOLIDAY CASH
53ER17-69. Game Number 1368, HOLIDAY CASH
53ER17-70. MEGA MILLIONS® (Replaced by 53ER18-51)
53ER17-71. FLORIDA LOTTO® (Replaced by 53ER18-1)
53ER17-72. POWERBALL® (Replaced by 53ER18-50)
53ER17-73. POWERBALL® Instant Win Promotion (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER17-74. Game Number 1369, SILVER DOLLAR
53ER17-75. Game Number 1370, 2018 NEW YEAR'S BUCKS
53ER17-76. Game Number 1371, SCRABBLE™
53ER17-77. Game Number 7017, PAC-MAN®
53ER17-78. Replacement of Obsolete Emergency Rules (Replaced by 53ER18-29)
53ER17-79. Retailer MEGA MILLIONS® Bonus Commission Program