53ER17-6. Power Cruise™ Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, February 02, 2017
  • 1(1) 2Beginning 3February 45, 520167, 7through April 910, 10201117, 12the 13Florida Lottery will conduct the 18Power Cruise20 21Promotion 22(“Promotion”)23. 24P25layers 26who purchase 28a 29POWERBALL30® 31ticket 32of 33any 34price point 36can scan 38the barcode on 41their ticket43s 44using 45a 46s47martphone or tablet, 50or 51can 52manually 53enter the 55ticket number 57through 58the Florida Lottery’s website 62to 63collect 64symbols 65and earn entries into a drawing 71for a chance to win 76a 77c78ruise 79p80ackage 81for two persons84. 85Both w87inning and non-90winning 91POWERBALL 92tickets 93may 94be used to enter the 99Promotion. 100Only 101POWERBALL 102tickets purchased during the promotion period 108may 109be used to enter the 114Promotion 115including 116POWERBALL 117tickets associated with JACKPOT COMBO.

    122(2123) 124How to 126Participate127.

    128(a) 129Power Cruise 131Collect 132'133N Win 135App Download and Registration139. 140A 141p142layer 143may 144participate in Promotion 147by 148down149loa150ding 151the 152free 153Power Cruise 155Collect 156'157N 158Win 159app 160at the 162iTunes163® 164Store or at Google Play169®170. 171For 172easy access to the app, a 178QR code 180will be printed 183below the barcode on 187POWERBALL 188tickets during the 191P192romotion period 194for 195the 196player to scan with 200a 201camera on 203a smartphone or tablet207. 208A 209QR 210c211ode 212will also 214appear 215on 216Power Cruise 218Promotion 219p220oint-of-221s222ale materials displayed at Florida Lottery retailers. 229POWERBALL 230tickets associated with JACKPOT COMBO will not contain a QR code or entry instructions. 244After the app is downloaded 249and opened, 251the 252253Welcome254 255p256age 257will 258be displayed 260from which the player can 265select the “268Register269270or 271272Login273” tab.

    275(b) 276Players must register 279their contact information 282one time upon first usage. 287A 288player 289will 290be sent 292an 293email 294directing the player to 298confirm his 300or her 302registration. 303The 304player should check 307the 308junk mail or spam folder 313if he 315or she 317do318es 319not 320promptly 321receive a323n email 325confirmation. 326Thereafter, 327the player may 330directly 331log332in 333by first selecting “Florida” from the drop down menu of participating lotteries and entering 347his or her email 351address 352and password.

    354(355c356) Web Browser. 359A 360player 361may 362participate in the 365Promotion via 367web browser 369by 370visit371ing 372the 373Florida 374Lottery’s homepage, 376flalottery.com, 377click378ing 379on the 381Power Cruise 383Promotion 384banner 385and 386follow387ing 388the directions, 390or by going directly to flalottery.com/396powercruise 397and clicking on the “Enter Drawings” tab to reach the 407Login page 409to register and/or login as described in paragraph (2)(b), 418above.

    419(420d421) 422Regardless of whether a player chooses to participate in the Promotion by smar435tphone, tablet or 438web browser 440the 441following provisions shall apply445:

    4461. 447T448he 449player 450may 451use 452the same 454account login information 457to 458enter tickets;

    4602. 461T462he 463player 464will only be required to register one time; 472and,

    4733. 474T475he 476player’s 477entry history 479will be cumulative 482among 483the entry platforms486.

    487(3) 488How to 490Earn Entries492.

    493To collect 495play 496symbols 497and 498earn entries in501to 502a drawing, 504a player 506may 507scan 508the barcode 510o511n the 513bottom of a 516POWERBALL 517ticket u519sing 520a 521camera on 523a 524smartphone or tablet, 527or 528a player 530may 531manually 532enter the 19-digit 535ticket 536number 537(538located 539near the bottom of the ticket545) 546on the entry page 550at 551flalottery.com552/553powercruise554. 555T556hree 557game 558cards will appear on the screen564. 565Each 566game 567card contains six 570spots 571to collect 573f574ive symbols. One spot on each card is a 583“free” spot585. 586Each ticket 588number 589entered will randomly 592generat593e a quantity (2, 4, 6, 8 or 10) of the 604five 605play 606symbols 607and place 609them 610in 611an 612available 613game 614card. 615Once a 617symbol has been collected 621on all 623three 624play cards, the symbol will be eliminated from the random selection process. 636When 637a single 639game 640card is filled up 644with all 646five 647different symbols 649and 650free space, 652an entry 654is 655generated 656into the next available drawing 661and 662the 663game 664card 665is 666reset to capture more symbols 671towards 672the next entry. 675Partially completed cards 678will 679carry over to the next entry period. 686A player 688may 689earn 690multiple entries 692during the contest 695period; 696however, 697a player may only manually enter or scan 705up to 707two hundred 709tickets per day712. 713Each ticket number can only be 719scanned or 721entered one time. 724Entries 725that include 727training 728tickets 729that were produced by a retailer terminal while in training mode or tickets 742with 743invalid 744ticket 745numbers will be 748disqualif749ied 750from the 752applicable 753drawing 754or drawings756. 757The 758odds of winning 761depend on 763the number of 766entries in 768each drawing770. All entries are subject to validation by the Florida Lottery and may 783be 784disqualified if eligibility requirements are not met791. POWERBALL 793tickets 794should not be mailed to the Lottery801. 802T803ickets received in the mail by the Flo811rida Lottery will not be entered into 818the 819Promotion 820and will not be returned.

    825(8264827) 828Drawing829s 830and 831Number of 833Prizes834. 835The Florida Lottery will conduct f841our drawings 843between 844March 8451, 8462018477, 848and 849April 85018512, 8522018537, 854and winners will be selected from entries 861received 862before midnight 864(865ET866) 867on the last day of the entry period for each drawing878. 879Entries 880will be 882good for one drawing 886only887. 888Winners will be randomly selected 893using a certified random number generation process900. 901The drawing dates 904and entry periods 907are 908as follows910:


    912Drawing Date

    914Entry Period


    917March 9181, 9192019207

    921February 9225, 9232019247 925926February 27, 9282019297


    931March 15, 9332019347

    935February 28, 9372019387 939940March 19423, 9432019447


    946March 29, 9482019497

    950March 19524, 9532019547 955956March 95727, 9582019597


    961April 96219632, 9642019657

    966March 28, 2019697 970 971April 97219730, 9742019757

    976(a) 977In each of 980the first three 983draw984ings, the Florida Lottery will draw a total of 993seventy-five 994entries. The 996first 997thirteen 998valid entries drawn 1001will 1002each 1003win 1004a 1005Balcony Stateroom Cruise Package 1009prize1010. 1011T1012he 1013fourteenth 1014through 1015nineteenth 1016valid 1017entries drawn will 1020each 1021win 1022a1023n 1024Ocean 1025View 1026Stateroom Cruise Package 1029prize1030. 1031T1032he 1033twentieth 1034t1035hrough 1036twenty-fifth 1037valid 1038entries drawn will 1041each 1042win a1044n 1045Interior Stateroom Cruise Package 1049prize1050. 1051The 1052remaining 1053valid 1054entries drawn 1056will be 1058used as 1060alternates 1061in 1062the order in 1065which they were drawn 1069and 1070in the 1072order of need 1075to select a 1078prize1079winner 1080in the event a 1084prize cannot be awarded. 1088A total of twenty-five prizes will be available in each drawing.

    1099(b) In the fourth drawing, the Florida Lottery will draw a total of 1112seventy-five 1113entries. 1114The first twelve valid entries drawn will each win a Balcony Stateroom Cruise Package prize. The thirteenth through 1132eighteenth 1133valid entries drawn will each win an Ocean 1141View 1142Stateroom Cruise Package prize. The 1147nineteenth 1148through 1149twenty-fifth 1150valid entries drawn will each win an Interior St1159ateroom Cruise Package prize. 1163The remaining valid entries drawn will be used 1171as alternates 1173in the order in which they were drawn and in the order of need 1187to select a 1190prize1191winner 1192in the event a 1196prize cannot be awarded. 1200A total of twenty-five prizes will be available in the 1210fourth 1211drawing.

    1212(c) The following table 1216summarizes, 1217by 1218type of stateroom cruise package, the numbe1225r of prizes in each drawing:



    1233Number of 1235Balcony 1236Staterooms

    1237Number of 1239Ocean View 1241Staterooms

    1242Number of 1244Interior
























    1268(126951270) 1271Winner 1272Notification1273. The 1275F1276lo1277r1278ida Lottery will attempt to notify each 1285prize1286winner by 1288telep1289ho1290n1291e or 1293email using the contact information provided in th1301e 1302winner’s registration data no later than 1308twenty-1309four hours 1311after the winners are 1315posted on the Florida Lottery’s website1321. 1322If the Florida Lottery is unable to 1329have personal 1331contact 1332with 1333a 1334prize1335winner within 1337one week 1339of the date 1342the winners are posted on the website, 1349the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida L1365ottery will award the prize to the first available 1374alternate winner 1376from the pool of alternates described above1383. 1384If the Florida Lottery is unable to have personal contact with the first alternate winner within 1400one week 1402of 1403notification of 1405the award of prize, the first alternate winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize and the Florida Lottery will award the prize to the second alternate winner. 1436This process will continue until an alternate is contacted or the Florida Lottery has exhausted the list of alternates1455. 1456Attempts to contact alternate winners will not be made after 1466November 17, 2017. If the Lottery is unable to contact an alternate, 1478the prize 1480will not be awarded.

    1484(148561486) 1487How to Claim a Prize1492. 1493To claim 1495a 1496cruise package 1498prize in 1500a 1501Power Cruise 1503d1504rawing, 1505the 1506winner 1507must submit 1509to 1510the Florida Lottery 1513a completed Winner 1516Claim Form DOL-173-2, revised 91521/115223, 1523or 1524Spanish Winner Claim Form 1528DOL-173-2S, revised 15309/13, 1531and 1532a copy of acceptable identification 1537a1538s set forth in the rule of the 1546Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 1552A 1553copy of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011. 1578A 1579prize1580winner 1581must also submit a 1585completed 1586Release and Authorization form DOL-474, revised 159281593/13, or Spanish Florida Lottery Release and 1600A1601uthorization Form DOL-474S, 1604revised 160581606/13. 1607Forms DOL-173-2, 1609DOL-173-2S, 1610DOL-474 and DOL-474S 1613are hereby incorporated by reference and can be obtained from any Lottery office, 1626from the Lottery’s website, flalottery.com, 1631or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4016. 1645The 1646required 1647documents 1648must be received b1652y 1653the Florida Lottery no later than 1659two weeks 1661after the winner is notified by the Florida Lottery that he or she is a winner. If the Florida Lottery has not received the 1685required 1686documents 1687from a prize1690winner 1691by the 1693fourteenth 1694day after notification, the winner will forfeit his or her right to claim the prize 1709and 1710the 1711Florida Lottery will award the prize to 1718an 1719alternate winner as described in 1724subsections 1725(172641727) and (173051731), 1732above1733. 1734A prizewinner 1736in this Promotion 1739is 1740not required to submit the 1745POWERBALL 1746tickets 1747he or she 1750scanned or 1752manually entered 1754t1755o generate an entry 1759in order to claim a prize1765.

    1766(176771768) 1769Award of 1771Prize1772s1773.

    1774(a) 1775Upon receipt of a prize1780winner’s required documentation, the Florida Lottery will award a prize of 1791a 179251793-night 1794Caribbean 1795Cruise 1796Package 1797for two persons 1800(“Cruise Package”)1802. 1803The Florida Lottery will 1807provide the winner a certificate describing the prize 1815and containing the name and contact information for the winner to contact to make reservations 1830and obtain 1832all 1833necessary information 1835to fulfill the 1838cruise1839. 1840A 1841C1842ruise 1843P1844ackage consists of the following:

    18491. 185051851-night 1852Caribbean 1853cruise for two persons 1857in a 1859balcony, 1860ocean view, 1862or interior view 1865stateroom (1867depending on the prize awarded) 1872aboard the 1874Royal Caribbean1876® 1877Brilliance of the Seas1881® 1882departing 1883from Tampa, Florida, 1886January 15, 2018, and returning January 20, 2018;

    18942. Deluxe hotel accommodations for two 1900persons 1901at a hotel in Tampa, Florida the night prior to cruise departure:

    19133. $800 cash for travel expenses to Tampa, Florida:

    192241923. 1924$1925250 1926ship credit 1928to be applied to the winner’s ship account and utilized for items such as 1942beverage service, shore excursions and other incidental expenditures;

    195051951. A chance to win 1956a $500 1958cash prize 1960and 1961a 1962$50,000 cash prize 1966in 1967two Cash Events;

    19706. Admittance to special 1974event concert1976s 1977held in conjunction with the cruise; 1983and,

    198471985. Payment of federal income tax withholding on the total retail value of the 1999C2000ruise 2001P2002ackage elements described in subparagraphs 1. through 200962010., above.

    2012The Florida Lottery will pay applicable federal income tax withholding on the 2024retail 2025value of the prize. The reportable taxable value of the prize includes the value of the prize plus the value of the federal income tax withholding paid by the Lottery. 2055The 2056retail 2057value of the prize 2061and 2062the 2063reportable taxable value of the 2068prize for a U.S. 2072citizen 2073are 2074as follows:


    2077Cruise Package Prize Level

    2081Retail Value of Cruise


    2086Reportable Taxable

    2088Value of Cruise Package

    2092Balcony Stateroom



    2098Ocean View 2100Stateroom



    2105Interior 2106Stateroom



    2111(b) 2112A 2113C2114ruise 2115P2116ackage does not include 2120insurance, parking fees, baggage fees, 2125alcoholic beverages (other than those served with2132out 2133charge at any reception and/or party or those purchased with the 2144s2145hip’s credit), 2147expenditures for excursions, ATM fees, supplemental gratuities, premium dining experiences, 2157any items not expressly specified 2162and personal expenses such as telephone calls, valet service, room service, laundry, incidentals and the like. 2178A personal credit card will be required upon ship check-in for payment of any additional onboard spending above the $250 ship credit. Ship credit is non-refundable and must be used during the cruise.

    2211(2212c2213) 2214At the request of a prizewinner and with the approval of the Lottery, the winner may 2230appoint a proxy 2233to take the cruise. 2237A Proxy Appointment and Acknowledgement form DOL-4922441-B, 2245Effective 224622247/122487, 2249should be completed by the appropriate parties 2256prior to travel arrangements being made. Form DOL-4922641-B 2265is hereby incorporated by reference and can be obtained from any Lottery office, or by writing to: Florida Lottery, Customer Service Division, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, 2291Florida 32399-4016. 2293If such request is made prior to the booking deadline 2303(December 230416, 23052017) 2306no additional cost will be accessed to the winner. If such request is made after the booking deadline and a charge is imposed for changing arrangements, the prizewinner will be responsible for paying a2340ll additional charges imposed. 2344In the event 2347a proxy is appointed, 2351the original winner shall receive the $2358800 2359cash prize, 2361and 2362the 2363entire value of the prize shall remain taxable income to the 2374original 2375prizewinner2376.

    2377(2378d2379) If a prize2383winner claims 2385the 2386prize with the Florida Lottery but fails to book the 2396cruise with the fulfillment company, 2401Alchemy 3, LLC (“Alchemy”), 2405by 2406December 240716, 24082017, 2409the 2410C2411ruise 2412P2413ackage shall be forfeited with the exception of the $2423800 2424cash2425. 2426The cash 2428will 2429be mailed to the prize2434winner 2435immediately 2436after the 2438booking timeframe 2440has 2441passed and the 2444entire value 2446of 2447the prize will 2450remain 2451taxable 2452to the winner.

    2455(2456e2457) A prize2460winner who does not elect to take a guest or whose guest does not take the cruise will be subject to reporting and withholding taxes on the entir2488e value of the Cruise Package.

    2494(f) 2495A prize2497winner must be at least 18 years of age 2506and 2507is solely responsible for the actions of the 2515guest who accompanies the prize2520winner on the 2523cruise2524.

    2525(2526g2527) The prizewinner or prize2532winner’s guest must have a valid credit card or will be required to post 2546a 2547cash deposit for incidentals to che2553ck into the hotel. If the prize2560winner fails to check into the hotel the night bef2570ore cruise departure, the prize2575winner will forfeit the hotel portion of the Cruise Package, and the entire value of the Cruise Package prize will remain taxable to the winner.

    2600(2601h2602) If the prize2606winner fails to show at the designated time of departure, the cruise portion of the Cruise Package will be forfeited 2626with the exception of the $800 cash, and the entire value of the cruise package prize will remain taxable to the winner.

    2648(264982650) 2651State-2652O2653wed Debt2655. 2656Prize2657winners 2658will 2659be analyzed for 2662state-o2663wed 2664d2665ebt. 2666If 2667a 2668prize2669winner is 2671identified as owing an outstanding debt to a state agency or child support collected through a court, the debt will be collected in accordance with 2696S2697ection 269824.115, 2699F2700.2701S. 2702If the debt of a prizewinner is an amount of less than the cash portion of the prize, the non-cash portion of the prize and the cash portion of the prize less the amount owed shall be awarded. If the debt is an amount greater than the cash portion of the prize, the 2755prize2756winner’s entire cash portion of the prize will be applied toward the outstanding debt and the winner will receive the remaining non-cash portion of the prize2782.

    2783(278492785) 2786Payment of Cash Portion of 2791Cruise Package Prize2794. If the prize2798winner does not have outstanding state-owed debt as described in subsection (281082811), 2812above, 2813Alchemy 2814will mail the prizewinner the $800 cash in the form of a check within 2828fifteen 2829days of notification from the 2834Florida 2835Lottery. If the prize2839winner is identified as owing state-owed debt, the Florida Lottery will deduct the debt i2854n accordance with 2857S2858ection 24.12860128615, F2863.2864S2865., 2866and the Florida Lottery will 2871promptly 2872mail the remainder of the cash, 2878if any2880.

    2881(28821288302884) 2885Power Cruise Cash Event2889s2890.

    2891(a) 2892All prize2894w2895inners, including prize2898winners from other Lotteries, will have a chance to win a $500 2910cash 2911prize 2912and a $50,000 cash prize 2918on board the cruise in the Cash Events. 2926A total of two hundred $500 2932cash 2933prizes will b2936e awarded. 2938On the final evening of the cruise, an additional $50,000 2949cash 2950prize will be 2953awarded from all prize2957winners. 2958A prizewinner 2960can win in both Cash Events2966. 2967Regardless of whether 2970the prizewinner forfeits the trip 2975portion of the prize 2979or appoints a proxy, the prizewinner will be awarded any cash won in the Cash Events.

    2995(b) $500 2997cash 2998prizes will be 3001distributed on3003board the ship in the form of a3011n 3012American Express pre-paid gift card3017.

    3018(c) 3019If the $50,000 prizewinner is a Florida Cruise Package winner, the prizewinner will be analyzed a s3037econd time for state-owed debt.

    3042(I) 3043If the prizewinner is liable for state-owed debt, 3051the debt will be collected in accordance with 3059S3060ection 306124.115, 3062F3063.3064S3065., 3066and the Florida Lottery will mail 3072the prizewinner 3074the remainder of the 3078cash, 3079if an3081y, less applicable tax withholding3086. Payment will be 3090in the 3092form of a check 3096and 3097the Florida Lottery will issue the applicabl3104e tax forms to the prizewinner.

    3110(II) 3111If the prizewinner does not have outstanding state-owed debt, the $50,000 prize, less applicable tax withholding, will be paid by Alchemy in the form of a check and mailed to the prizewinner within fifteen days of the end of the cruise. Alchemy 3154will remit taxes on behalf of the prizewinner and issue the applicable tax forms to the prizewinner.

    3171(3172d3173) Cash Event Drawings will be conducted by 3181Alchemy 3182in early January, 2018, 3186prior to the cruise, 3190using a certified random number generation process. Drawings will be witnessed by an independent auditor 3205employed by an independent certified public accounting firm. Cash Event w3216inners will be 3219announced 3220onboard the ship.

    3223(1322413225) 3226Taxes. 3227Except as specifically mentioned herein, all federal, state and/or local taxes or other fees on Cruise Package prizes will be the responsibility of the winner.

    3252(32531325423255) 3256Other Restrictions 3258and Provisions3260.

    3261(a) The right to claim a prize cannot be assigne3271d to another person or entity.

    3277(b) No cash option is available in lieu of non-cash prizes.

    3288(3289c3290) 3291All prizes are subject to the provisions of Chapter 24, F3302.3303S3304., 3305and rules promulgated thereunder. Prizes will be paid in accordance with the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. Copies of the current prize payment rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, T3349allahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    3352(3353d3354) Persons prohibited by Section 335924.116, 3360F3361.3362S3363., 3364from purchasing a Florida Lottery ticket are not eligible to play.

    3375(3376e3377) A player entering 3381a 3382Power Cruise 3384d3385rawing 3386is deemed to have granted permission for the Florida Lottery to photograph and/or videotape and record the prizewinner with or without prior notification and to use the name, photograph, videotape, and/or recording of the prizewinner for advertising or publicity purposes without additional compensation.

    3429(3430f3431) 3432Power Cruise 3434d3435rawing3436s 3437shall be public, held in Tallahassee, Florida, and witnessed by an accountant employed by an independent certified public accounting firm. 3457The results of each drawing will be 3464available 3465after the drawing on the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com.

    3475Rulemaking Authority 347724.105(9), 347824.109(1) FS. 3480Law Implemented 348224.105(9), 348324.115(1) FS. 3485History34863487N3488ew 34892-2-17.