53ER18-24. PICK 3™ Retailer Bonus Sales Commission Promotion  

Effective on Thursday, May 17, 2018
  • 1(1) Beginning May 21, 2018, and continuing through May 27, 2018, (Promotional Period) the Florida Lottery will conduct the PICK 322 23Retailer Bonus Sales Commission Promotion 28during which the Florida Lottery will double the retailer sales commissions for PICK 3 sales43.

    44(2) The Florida Lottery will pay Florida Lottery retailers a five percent bonus sales commission in addition to the standard five percent sales commission set forth in 71r72ule 53ER13-46, 74F.A.C., 75Retailer Compensation, 77for a total ten percent sales commission on the total value of each PICK 3 ticket sold during the Promotional Period. For example, a $1.00 PICK 3 ticket will earn a $.10 sales commission and a $.50 PICK 3 ticket will earn a $.05 sales commission 123during the Promotional Period.

    127(3) The standard sales commissions will be reflected on the retail138er’s weekly Settlement Report.

    142(4) The bonus sales commissions will be reflected on the retailer’s weekly Settlement Report as an adjustment credit at the conclusion of the Promotional Period.

    167(5) Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to payment of the PICK 3 bonus sales commissions shall be paid the bonus sales commissions earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with 206c207hapter 24, F210.211S212., 213c214hapter 53, F217.218A219.220C221., 222or terms of the retailer contract.

    228(6) PICK 3 bonus sales commissions will be considered compensation to a retailer and will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service by the Florida Lottery. The Florida Lottery reserves the right to apply bonus sales commissions earned against a retailer’s outstanding debt to the Florida Lottery, and to award the remaining balance of the bonus sales commissions, if any.

    288Rulemaking Authority 29024.105(9)(i), 29124.109(1) FS. 293Law Implemented 29524.105(9)(i), 29624.112(1) FS. 298History–New 5-17-18.