53ER19-52. HIT $50  

Effective on Monday, August 19, 2019
  • 1(1) Name of Game. HIT $50.

    7(2) Price. HIT $50 11lottery tickets sell for $1.00 per play.

    18(3) Game Description. HIT $50 is a Fast Play27 28instant-win game (also known as an online terminal game) printed from an authorized Florida Lottery retailer terminal at the time of purchase. Players may play the game and determine immediately if the ticket is a winner. All prizes are predetermined. The player does not have the ability to select his or her own numbers or play symbols.

    85(4) HIT $50 Lottery Ticket Purchase. Players may purchase a HIT $50 lottery ticket at an authorized retailer by: telling the retailer or presenting to the retailer a barcode found on HIT $50 supporting materials; or by submitting a HIT $50 play slip for processing through a retailer terminal. Supporting materials with a HIT $50 barcode include tear pads, game brochures, or Florida Lottery emails. A HIT $50 barcode may also be printed from the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com.

    165(a) Players who choose to purchase a HIT $50 lottery ticket or tickets by telling the retailer shall specify the number of plays desired. Each play will print on a separate ticket.

    197(b) Players who choose to present a barcode to purchase a HIT $50 lottery ticket shall provide the barcoded material to the retailer to scan. One scanned barcode will produce one HIT $50 230lottery ticket.

    232(c) Players who choose to use a play slip to purchase a HIT $50 lottery ticket or tickets may mark the appropriate box on the play slip for the number of plays desired and submit it to the retailer. The retailer will process the play slip through the retailer terminal. Each play will print on a separate ticket. Play slips must be Florida Lottery approved and players must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. The use of mechanical, electronic, computer-generated or any other non-manual method of marking play slips is prohibited. 

    328(d) HIT $50 lottery 332tickets cannot be purchased through a Florida Lottery vending machine.

    342(e) HIT $50 lottery tickets cannot be canceled.

    350(5) The YOUR NUMBERS and WINNING NUMBER play symbols that may appear in the play area are as follows:

    369(6) The PRIZE symbols that may appear in the play area are as follows:

    383(7) How to Play and Determination of Prizewinners. There are four GAMES on a HIT $50 lottery ticket. Each GAME appears in a single horizontal line and is played separately. A ticket having a play symbol in the YOUR NUMBERS play area of a GAME that matches the play symbol in the WINNING NUMBER play area of the same GAME shall entitle the claimant to the corresponding PRIZE shown for that GAME.

    455(8) The prize structure and odds of winning are as follows:



    473NUMBER OF WINNERS IN 360,000 (Per Pool)




























    515(9) The estimated overall odds of winning some prize in the HIT $50 game are 1:4.18. The HIT $50 534prize structure will be replenished automatically as each ticket is sold in each prize tier, including both winning and non-winning prize tiers. The odds remain the same for each ticket purchased for the life of the game.

    571(10) HIT $50 Additional Provisions.

    576(a) By purchasing a HIT $50 582lottery 583ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules and regulations of the Florida Lottery.

    601(b) Prizes must be claimed within 60 days after the official end of game. 615All HIT $50 618prizes shall be paid in a single, lump-sum payment. Ticket validation requirements for 631Fast Play HIT $50 lottery tickets are set forth in the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 651Payment of prizes for 655Fast Play HIT $50 lottery tickets shall be made in accordance with the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    701(c) It is the responsibility of the player to verify the readability of the information printed on the HIT $50 lottery ticket at the time of purchase. Additionally, the player should check the date and time printed on a HIT $50 742lottery ticket to confirm that the printed date and time of purchase correspond to the actual date and time of purchase. It shall be the responsibility of the player to immediately notify the retailer of any such errors or discrepancies of a ticket prior to leaving the retailer location.

    791(d) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and gaming system availability, HIT $50 lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight, Eastern Time (ET).

    824(11) The effective date of this emergency rule is August 19, 2019.

    836Rulemaking Authority 83824.105(9)(a), 839(b), (c), (e), (h) 84324.109(1), 84424.115(1) FS. 846Law Implemented 84824.105(9)(a), 849(b), (c), (e), (h), 85324.115(1) FS. 855History856857New 8-19-19.