53ER20-51. WORD SEARCH  

Effective on Friday, June 26, 2020
  • 1(1) Name of Game. 5WORD SEARCH7.

    8(9210) Price. 12WORD SEARCH 14lottery tickets sell for 18$19220.00 per 22play23.

    24(25326) 27Game Description29. 30WORD SEARCH 32is a 34Fast Play36 37instant-win 38game 39(40also known as an 44online terminal game) 47printed from a50n authorized 52Florida Lottery 54retailer 55terminal 56at the time of purchase. 61Players may play the game and determine immediately if the ticket is a winner. 75All prizes are predetermined79. The 81player does not have the ability to selec89t his or her own 94numbers or 96play symbols98.

    99(4) 100WORD SEARCH 102Lottery 103Ticket Purchase. 105Players may 107purchase a 109WORD SEARCH 111lottery 112ticket 113at an authorized retailer 117by 118tell119ing 120the retailer; 122presenting 123to 124the 125retailer 126a 127barcode 128f129ound on 131WORD SEARCH 133supporting materials 135or on the Florida Lottery Mobile Convenience App; 143or by 145submitting a 147WORD SEARCH 149paper 150play slip for processing through a retailer terminal. 158In addition, 160a 161WORD SEARCH 163barcode may be printed from the Florida Lottery’s website at flalottery.com. 174Supporting materials with a 178WORD SEARCH 180barcode include 182tear pads, 184game brochures 186or 187Flor188ida Lottery emails.

    191(a) Players who 194choose 195to purchase 197a 198WORD SEARCH 200lottery 201ticket 202or tickets 204by telling the retailer 208shall 209specify the number of 213plays 214desired. 215Each play will print on a separate ticket.

    223(b) Players who choose to present a barcode to purchase a 234WORD SEARCH 236lottery 237ticket shall provide the barcoded mat243erial 244or their mobile device 248to the retailer to scan. 253One scanned barcode will produce one 259WORD SEARCH 261lottery 262ticket263. 

    264(265c266) Players who 269choose 270to 271use a 273paper 274play 275slip to 277purchase a 279WORD SEARCH 281lottery 282ticket 283or tickets 285may 286mark the appropriate box on the 292paper 293play slip for the number of plays desired and 302submit 303it 304to the retailer307. 308The retailer will process the 313paper 314play slip through the retailer terminal. 320Each play will print on a separate ticket. 328Paper play 330slips must be 333Florida Lottery 335approved and p338layers must use only blue or black ink or pencil for making selections. The use of m355echanical, electronic, computer-358generated or any other non-manual method of marking 366WORD SEARCH 368paper 369play slips is prohibited.

    373(d) 374WORD SEARCH 376lottery 377tickets can379not be p382urchased 383through a Florida Lottery vending machine.

    389(390e391) 392WORD SEARCH 394lottery tickets cannot be canceled399.

    400(5) 401The 402play symbols that may appear in the 409form of a word in the word search 417grid 418play area, the YOUR WORDS play area, 425or the 427BONUS WORD 429play area 431are as follows:

    434(6) The prize symbols that may appear in the 443BONUS WORD 445play area are as follows:

    450(4517452) 453How to Play 456and Determination of Prizewinners460. 461A list of fifteen words will appear in the YOUR WORDS play area. 474Circle th476ose words from the 480YOUR WORDS 482list 483that appear 485in 486the 487word search 489grid490. 491Words may appear horizontally, vertically or diagonally. 498Count the total number of words 504circled 505and matched.

    507(a) 508A ticket having 511seven or more word515s 516matche517d 518shall 519entitle the claimant 522to the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE LEGEND for th533e total 535number of words 538matched539. 540The prizes are: $2, $5, $10, $50, $500 and $10,000. Only the highest number of winning word558s matched 560will be paid.

    563(564b565) BONUS WORD. A ticket having a word in the BONUS WORD play area that 580matches 581the same word in the 586word search grid area 590shall entitle the claimant to the corresponding prize shown in the BONUS WORD play area. 605The BONUS WORD is played separately.

    611(612c613) Partial words do not count towards a match. Words found in the grid area that do not appear in the YOUR WORDS play area or the BONUS 641WORD 642play area do not count towards a match.

    650(6518652) The 654prize structure and 657odds of winning 660are as follows:

    663GAME PLAY


    666NUMBER OF WINNERS IN 360,000 (Per Pool)


    68012 Words




    68711 Words








    69810 Words








    7099 Words








    7218 Words








    7337 words




    739(7409741) The estimated overall odds of winning some prize in the 752WORD SEARCH 754game are 7561:7573.75758. 759The 760WORD SEARCH 762prize structure will be replenished automatically 768as each ticket is sold in each prize tier, including 778both 779winning and 781non-winning prize tiers. 784The odds remain the same 789for each 791ticket purchase793d 794for the life of the game.

    800(80118020803) 804WORD SEARCH 806Additional Provisions808.

    809(a) By purchasing a 813WORD SEARCH 815lottery 816ticket, a player agrees to comply with and abide by all rules and regulations of the Florida Lottery.

    834(b) 835Prizes must be claimed within 60 days after the 844official 845end of game. 848All 849WORD SEARCH 851prizes shall be paid in a single, lump-sum payment860. 861Ticket validation requirements 864for 865Fast Play 867WORD SEARCH 869lottery tickets are set forth in the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. 885Payment of prizes for 889Fast Play 891WORD SEARCH 893lottery tickets 895shall be made 898in 899accordance with 901the rule of the Florida Lottery governing payment of prizes. A copy of the current rule can be obtained from the Florida Lottery, Office of the General Counsel, 250 Marriott Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32399-4011.

    935(c) It is the responsibility of the player to verify the readability of the information printed on the 953WORD SEARCH 955lottery ticket at the time of purchase. Additionally, the player should check the date and time printed on a 974WORD SEARCH 976lottery ticket to confirm that the printed date and time of purchase correspond to the actual date and time of purchase. It shall be the responsibility of the player to immediately notify 1008the retailer of any such errors or discrepancies of a ticket prior to leaving the retailer location.

    1025(1026d1027) Subject to a retailer’s hours of operation and 1036gaming 1037system availability, 1039WORD SEARCH 1041lottery tickets are available for purchase daily between the hours of 6:00 a.m. and 12:00 midnight, Eastern Time (ET).

    1060(11) The effective date of the emergency rule is 1069June 26, 10712020.

    1072Rulemaking Authority 107424.105(9)(a), 1075(b), (c), (e), (h) 107924.109(1), 108024.115(1) FS. 1082Law Implemented 108424.105(9)(a), 1085(b), (c), (e), (h), 108924.115(1) FS. 1091History10921093New 10946-261095-20, 1096Replaces 53ER20-11.