53ER99-51. Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO Bonus Commission Program  

Effective on Friday, October 22, 1999
  • 1(1) Effective October 27, 1999, through November 24, 1999, the Florida Lottery will conduct, as a sales incentive, a Retailer FLORIDA LOTTO Bonus Commission Program in which the Florida Lottery will award bonus commissions totaling up to $5,000 per week to eligible on4546line retailers that sell a grand prize FLORIDA LOTTO ticket for a Wednesday drawing held during the sales incentive period.

    66(2) During the bonus commission program period, the five or fewer eligible retailers who sell a winning grand prize FLORIDA LOTTO ticket for a Wednesday drawing will each earn a bonus commission of $1,000.  If more than five eligible retailers sell winning FLORIDA LOTTO grand prize tickets, each of the retailers will earn an equal share of the weekly $5,000 bonus commission pool.

    131(3) Bonus commissions are subject to availability of funds appropriated for retailer incentives.

    144(4) For purposes of this program, the maximum weekly bonus commission pool is $5,000 regardless of jackpot rollovers.  If there is no FLORIDA LOTTO jackpot winner on November 24, 1999, the bonus commission program will end.

    181(5) Winning retailers will be eligible to receive a bonus commission once the FLORIDA LOTTO grand prize winning ticket sold by that retailer is validated or the winning ticket redemption period of 180 days has expired.

    217(6) Eligibility for bonus commissions will be open to all Florida Lottery on230231line retailers who are in good financial standing with the Florida Lottery at the time bonus commissions are awarded.  Good financial standing is defined as having no dishonored unpaid electronic funds transfers or associated penalties or any other account receivable outstanding for more than sixty (60) days.  Retailers whose Florida Lottery contracts are terminated or inactivated prior to the bonus commission award, shall be paid the bonus commission earned provided said termination or inactivation was not due to noncompliance with Chapter 24, Florida Statutes, Chapter 53, Florida  Administrative Code, or contract terms.

    323(7) Retailers that earn a bonus commission will receive payment upon determination by the Lottery of the bonus commission amount and retailer eligibility as set forth in this rule.  Bonus commissions will be reported to the Internal Revenue Service as compensation.  The Lottery reserves the right to apply bonus commissions earned against outstanding debt for retailers meeting all eligibility requirements.

    383Specific Authority 38524.105(10)(a), 38624.109(1) FS. 388Law Implemented 39024.105(10)(a),391(c) FS.  History–New 10-22-99.