57-20.005. Public Information  

Effective on Sunday, January 25, 2009
  • 1The Vice President, Communications, Government and External Affairs, or his or her designee, is designated as the contact for the purpose of obtaining information as to the location and method of acquiring or reviewing any form, publication, or documents which Space Florida makes available to the public. All public information requests shall be submitted in writing to the Vice President, Communications, Government and External Affairs, or his or her designee, who will serve as the clerk and will normally be found at the headquarters office of Space Florida during regular business hours (8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.). 98Subject to the exceptions and exemptions set forth in Sections 108331.326 109and 110288.075, 111and other applicable F.S., Space Florida shall make and retain records and comply with the applicable sections in Chapter 119, F.S.

    132(1) All material which has been classified confidential, proprietary or trade secret shall be exempt from Chapter 119, F.S., and will be accorded stringent internal procedural safeguards against public disclosure.

    162(2) Space Florida, under provisions of the Space Florida Act, Section 173331.326 174as well other applicable 178F.S., 179is extended exemptions to Chapter 119, F.S.

    186(a) Given Space Florida’s extensive close interaction with aerospace-related businesses operating both within and outside of Space Florida territories, and given Space Florida’s regulatory capacity on its territories, the transfer of confidential, proprietary or trade secret information in implicit confidence to Space Florida is a common occurrence. Space Florida, in compliance with its statutory duties, will keep such information from the public record.

    249(b) Space Florida also interacts on a frequent basis with the Air Force, other Federal agencies, and international government agencies, often discussing their sensitive or confidential information. In consideration of the proprietary status given such information by those organizations, Space Florida will classify it as confidential, proprietary or trade secret on a case by case basis as provided for in Sections 310812.081, 311288.075 312and 313331.326, F.S. 315or other applicable.

    318(c) To maintain the proprietary status of any sensitive information, Space Florida’s managerial staff is authorized to officially classify any information as confidential, proprietary or trade secret on a case by case basis in accordance with statutory provisions, including but not limited to Sections 362812.081, 363288.075 364and 365331.326, F.S.

    367(3) Unless exempted by statute Space Florida’s documents and records, including correspondence, reports, planning documents, reference documents, maps, and computer files, shall be open and kept for public access.

    396(4) Space Florida’s preparation and provision of responses to 405public information requests shall be subject to the charges that are permitted under 418Chapter 119, F.S.

    421Rulemaking Authority 423331.310(1)(j), 424(2)(a), (d) FS. Law Implemented 429331.310(1)(j), 430(2)(a), (d), 432331.326 FS. 434History–New 1-25-09.