58A-5.026. Emergency Management  

Effective on Thursday, April 17, 2014
  • 1(1) EMERGENCY PLAN COMPONENTS. Pursuant to Section 8429.41, F.S., 10each facility must prepare a written comprehensive emergency management plan in accordance with the “Emergency Management Criteria for Assisted Living Facilities,” dated October 1995, which is incorporated by reference 40and available at 43http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-0401045. This document is available from the local emergency management agency. The emergency management plan must, at a minimum, address the following:

    67(a) Provision for all hazards;

    72(b) Provision for the care of residents remaining in the facility during an emergency, including pre-disaster or emergency preparation; protecting the facility; supplies; emergency power; food and water; staffing; and emergency equipment;

    104(c) Provision for the care of residents who must be evacuated from the facility during an emergency including identification of such residents and transfer of resident records; evacuation transportation; sheltering arrangements; supplies; staffing; emergency equipment; and medications;

    141(d) Provision for the care of additional residents who may be evacuated to the facility during an emergency including the identification of such residents, staffing, and supplies;

    168(e) Identification of residents with Alzheimer’s disease or related disorders, and residents with mobility limitations who may need specialized assistance either at the facility or in case of evacuation;

    197(f) Identification of and coordination with the local emergency management agency;

    208(g) Arrangement for post-disaster activities including responding to family inquiries, obtaining medical intervention for residents, transportation, and reporting to the local emergency management agency the number of residents who have been relocated, and the place of relocation; and

    246(h) The identification of staff responsible for implementing each part of the plan.

    259(2) EMERGENCY PLAN APPROVAL. The plan must be submitted for review and approval to the local emergency management agency.

    278(a) If the local emergency management agency 285requires revisions to the emergency management plan, such 293revisions must be made and the plan resubmitted to the local office within 30 days of receiving notification that the plan must be revised.

    317(b) A new facility 321as described in Rule 32558A-5.023, 326F.A.C., 327and facilities whose ownership has been transferred, must submit an emergency management plan within 30 days after obtaining a license.

    347(c) The facility must review its emergency management plan on an annual basis. Any substantive changes must be submitted to the local emergency agency for review and approval.

    3751. Changes in the name, address, telephone number, or position of staff listed in the plan are not considered substantive revisions for the purposes of this rule.

    4022. Changes in the identification of specific staff must be submitted to the local emergency management agency annually as a signed and dated addendum that is not subject to review and approval.

    434(d) The local emergency management agency is the final administrative authority for emergency management plans prepared by assisted living facilities.

    454(e) Any plan approved by the local emergency management agency is considered to have met all the criteria and conditions established in this rule.


    481(a) All staff must be trained in their duties and are responsible for implementing the emergency management plan.

    499(b) If telephone service is not available during an emergency, the facility must request assistance from local law enforcement or emergency management personnel in maintaining communication.

    525(4) FACILITY EVACUATION. The facility must evacuate the premises during or after an emergency if so directed by the local emergency management agency.

    548(a) The facility must report the evacuation to the local office of emergency management or designee and to the agency within 6 hours of the evacuation order575. If the evacuation takes more than 6 hours, the facility must report 588when the evacuation is completed.

    593(b) The facility must not be re-occupied until the area is cleared for reentry by the local emergency management agency or its designee and the facility can meet the immediate needs of the residents.

    627(c) A facility with significant structural damage must relocate residents until the facility can be safely re-occupied.

    644(d) The facility is responsible for knowing the location of all residents until 657the residents have 660been relocated to another facility.

    665(e) The facility must provide the agency with the name of a contact person who must be available by telephone 24 hours a day, seven days a week, until the facility is re-occupied.

    698(f) The facility must assist in the relocation of residents, and must cooperate with outreach teams established by the Department of Health or emergency management agency to assist in relocation efforts. Resident needs and preferences must be considered to the extent possible in any relocation decision.

    744(5) EMERGENCY SHELTER. In the event a state of emergency has been declared and the facility is not required to evacuate the premises, the facility may provide emergency shelter above the facility’s licensed capacity provided the following conditions are met:

    784(a) Life safety will not be jeopardized for any individual;

    794(b) The immediate needs of residents and other individuals sheltered at the facility can be met by the facility;

    813(c) The facility reports the number of individuals over its licensed capacity and the conditions causing it to the Agency Field Office within 48 hours or as soon as practical. As an alternative, the facility may report to the Agency Central Office at (850) 412-4304. If the facility will continue to be over capacity after the declared emergency ends, the agency will review requests for excess capacity on a case-by-case basis; and

    885(d) The facility maintains a log of the additional individuals being housed in the facility. The log must include the individual’s name, usual address, and the dates of arrival and departure. The log must be available for review by representatives of the agency, the department, the local emergency management agency or its designee. The admissions and discharge log maintained by the facility may be used for this purpose provided the information is maintained in a manner that is easily accessible.

    965Rulemaking Authority 967429.41 FS. 969Law Implemented 971429.41 FS. 973History–New 10-17-99, Amended 7-30-06, 4-17-14.


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