58A-6.008. Program Requirements  

Effective on Monday, August 3, 2015
  • 1(1) Each Center shall offer a planned program of varied activities and services promoting and maintaining the health of Participants and encouraging leisure activities. Opportunities for interaction and communication among Participants shall be available on a daily basis at each Center in order to enhance the Participant’s well-being and to maximize individual functioning. Such activities and services shall be available during at least 60 percent of the time the Center is open to Participants and shall be documented in accordance with subsection (5).

    84(2) The Center shall make available Basic Services as defined in Section 96429.901(3), F.S. 98and Rule 10058A-6.009, 101F.A.C., and may make available other Supportive and Optional Services.

    111(3) The Center shall provide for family consultation or referral service to community agencies, clinics, or physicians when the Participant or family is observed to be in need of intensive counseling, health, or mental health services.

    147(4) There shall be a written description of the range of services to be provided to Participants.

    164(5) A monthly schedule of daily activities shall be maintained on a current basis and displayed in a conspicuous place.

    184(6) The Center shall provide programs and information to increase the Participant’s awareness of the following factors related to emergency preparedness and emergency management:

    208(a) The registration process for persons who need assistance during evacuations or when in shelter;

    223(b) The Center’s activities and Staff available to assist in Participant’s registration efforts; and,

    237(c) The implications of having a Functional Impairment in a disaster.

    248(7) If a Participant needs assistance when evacuating or when in an emergency shelter, the Center shall register the person with the local emergency management agency as a person with special needs.

    280Rulemaking Authority 282429.929 FS. 284Law Implemented 286429.901(3), 287429.929 FS. 289History–New 7-8-81, Formerly 10A-6.08, 10A-6.008, 59A-16.008, Amended 11-9-95, 3-29-98, 8-3-15.


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