58M-2.003. Professional Guardian Coursework and Competency Examination  

Effective on Monday, March 17, 2008
  • 1(1) 2The minimum hours of instruction and training 9are 10set out in Section 14744.1085(3), F.S. 16The initial 40 hours of education and training must be approved by SPGO prior to an applicant taking a course. 36Information about the professional guardian coursework may be obtained from the Statewide Public Guardianship Office 51or online at http://elderaffairs.state.fl.us55/english/public.html56.

    57(2) Completion of the required professional guardian instruction and training course is a mandatory requirement in order for the 76registrant 77to be eligible to take the competency examination. 85The exam will be administered by the approved contractor. The contractor will set the examination fee, which cannot by law exceed $500. The examination may be waived in accordance with the criteria in Section 119744.1085(8), F.S.

    121(3) The exam is comprised of two parts: 1) national guardianship ethics and practices, and 2) Florida law and procedure.  Registrants must score a minimum of 75% 148on both 150parts.

    151(4) If the 154registrant 155fails to successfully complete 159either portion of 162the Professional Guardian Competency Examination in three (3) attempts, the 172registrant shall be 175required to re-take the instruction and training course 183prior to being eligible to 188sit for the competency examination 193again/

    194(5) Professional guardians must complete continuing education credits as outlined in Section 206744.1085(3), F.S. 208The SPGO must approve the coursework for all continuing education classes prior to attendance. Proof of completion of the required continuing education hours shall be submitted with the annual renewal registration.

    239Specific Authority 241744.1083(6), 242744.1085(6)(b) FS. 244Law Implemented 246744.102(16), 247744.1083, 248744.1085, 249742504.3135 FS. History–New 12-12-05, Amended 3-17-08.


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