59A. Health Facility and Agency Licensing  

59A-1. Certification Of Organ Procurement Organizations, Tissue Banks, And Eye Banks (In Memory Of Charles Arleigh Lincoln, Ph.D.)
59A-3. Hospital Licensure
59A-4. Minimum Standards For Nursing Homes
59A-5. Ambulatory Surgical Center Licensure
59A-6. Multiphasic Health Testing Center Licensure
59A-7. Clinical Laboratories
59A-8. Minimum Standards For Home Health Agencies
59A-9. Abortion Clinics
59A-10. Internal Risk Management Program
59A-11. Birth Center Standards And Licensure
59A-12. Health Maintenance Organizations And Prepaid Health Clinics
59A-13. Prescribed Pediatric Extended Care Centers (Ppec)
59A-15. Private Utilization Review
59A-16. Adult Day Care
59A-17. Transitional Living Facilities For The Spinal Cord-Injured, Head-Injured Persons
59A-18. Nurse Registries Standards And Licensing
59A-20. Radiation Therapy Centers
59A-22. Minimum Standards For Background Screening
59A-23. Workers Compensation Managed Care Arrangements
59A-24. Drug-Free Workplace Standards
59A-25. Minimum Standards For Home Medical Equipment Providers
59A-26. Minimum Standards For Intermediate Care Facilities For The Developmentally Disabled
59A-27. Health Care Services Pools
59A-29. Health Care Provider Certification
59A-30. Expert Medical Advisors
59A-31. Disputed Reimbursement
59A-33. Health Care Clinic Licensure
59A-35. Health Care Licensing Procedures
59A-36. Assisted Living Facility
59A-37. Adult Family Care Homes
59A-38. Hospice Procedures