59A-36. Assisted Living Facility  

59A-36.001. Standards and Criteria for Determining Compliance with Facility Standards and Resident Rights
59A-36.002. Definitions
59A-36.003. Licensing and Change of Ownership
59A-36.004. License Requirements
59A-36.005. Inspection Responsibilities
59A-36.006. Admission Procedures, Appropriateness of Placement and Continued Residency Criteria
59A-36.007. Resident Care Standards
59A-36.008. Medication Practices
59A-36.009. Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNROs)
59A-36.010. Staffing Standards
59A-36.011. Staff Training Requirements and Competency Test
59A-36.012. Food Service Standards
59A-36.013. Fiscal Standards
59A-36.014. Physical Plant Standards
59A-36.015. Records
59A-36.016. Adverse Incident Report
59A-36.017. Liability Claim Report
59A-36.018. Resident Contracts
59A-36.019. Emergency Management
59A-36.020. Limited Mental Health
59A-36.021. Extended Congregate Care Services
59A-36.022. Limited Nursing Services
59A-36.023. Administrative Enforcement
59A-36.024. Waivers
59A-36.025. Emergency Environmental Control for Assisted Living Facilities
59A-36.027. ALF Core Training Provider Qualifications
59A-36.028. ALF Minimum Core Training Curriculum Requirements
59A-36.029. ALF Core Training Provider Initial Registration Process
59A-36.030. Process for Maintaining ALF Core Training Provider Registration
59A-36.031. Registered ALF Core Training Provider Responsibilities