59B-9.031. Definitions  

Effective on Thursday, October 1, 2015
  • 1(1) “Ambulatory Center.” For the purposes of this rule, an ambulatory center means a freestanding ambulatory surgery center, a short-term acute care hospital and an Emergency Department.

    28(2) “30Ambulatory Surgical Center” means a facility licensed as an ambulatory surgical center under Chapter 395, F.S.

    46(3) “CPT” means Current Procedural Terminology and refers to a coding system established by the American Medical Association to describe physician services which is published annually in Physicians’ Current Procedural Terminology manual which is incorporated by reference.

    83(4) “ECMORB” means a Supplementary Classification of External Causes of 93Morbidity 94and Poisoning ICD-10-CM, where environmental events, circumstances, and conditions are the cause of injury, poisoning and other adverse effects as specified in the ICD-10-CM manual and the conventions of coding.

    124(5) “Emergency Department” 127means any department of any general hospital when a request is made for emergency services and care for any emergency medical condition which is within the service capability of the hospital as specified in Section 162395.1041, F.S.

    164(6) “Executive Officer” means a reporting facility’s chief executive officer, chief financial officer, chief operating officer, president, or vice president of the facility in charge of a principal business unit, division or function (administration or finance).

    200(7) “HCPCS” means Health Care Common Procedure Coding System which is published annually by the United States Department of Health and Human Services and is required by the Federal Government for Medicare reporting purposes.

    234(8) “Inpatient” means a patient who has an admission order given by a licensed physician or other individual who has been granted admitting privileges by the hospital.

    261(9) 262“NPI” means National Provider Identification. An NPI is a unique identification number assigned to a provider by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services.

    286(10) “Short-Term Acute Care Hospital” means a hospital as defined in Section 298395.002(12), F.S.

    300(11) “Visit” means a face to face encounter between a health care provider and a patient who is not formally admitted as an inpatient in an acute care hospital setting at the time of the encounter or who is not admitted to the same facility’s acute care hospital setting immediately following the encounter as described in subsection 35759B-9.034(3), 358F.A.C. Visits which require the patient to appear in an ambulatory setting prior to the actual procedure (even if this occurs one or more days before the procedure) shall be counted as one visit. The admit date in these instances should be the day of the procedure.

    405(12) ISO 3166 – 409International Standard for Organization is a standardized list of country names and codes first published in 1974 and updated 2008. ISO 3166 is available 433at: 434http://www.iso.org/iso/english_country_names_and_code_elements.

    435Rulemaking Authority 437408.15(8) FS. 439Law Implemented 441408.061, 442408.062, 443408.063 FS. 445History–New 1-1-10, Amended 12-5-10 Formerly 45059B-9.013, 451Amended 10-1-15.