59B-9.032. Ambulatory and Emergency Department Data Reporting and Audit Procedures (Repealed)  

Effective on Wednesday, October 5, 2011
  • 1(1) The following entities shall submit patient data reports to the Agency for Health Care Administration (AHCA or Agency):

    20(a) All licensed short-term acute care hospitals licensed under Chapter 395, F.S.;

    32(b) All licensed ambulatory surgical centers as defined in Section 42395.002(3), F.S.;

    44(c) All Emergency Departments licensed under Chapter 395, F.S.;

    53(d) All lithotripsy centers defined in Section 60408.07, F.S.;

    62(e) All cardiac catheterization laboratories defined in Section 70408.07, F.S.

    72(2) Each facility in subsection (1) above shall submit a separate report for each location per Section 89408.061(3), F.S.

    91(3) All ambulatory centers performing the services set forth in Rules 10259B-9.030 103through 10459B-9.039, 105F.A.C., shall submit ambulatory patient data as set forth in Rules 11659B-9.037 117and 11859B-9.038, 119F.A.C., unless the reporting entity meets the criteria listed in subsection 13059B-9.032(5), 131F.A.C., below.

    133(4) Any Ambulatory Surgical Center (ASC) receiving 200 or more patient visits during the reporting quarter periods outlined in Rule 15359B-9.033, 154F.A.C., are required to report data as specified in Rules 16459B-9.037 165and 16659B-9.038, 167F.A.C.

    168(5) Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASC) receiving fewer than 200 patient visits during the reporting quarter periods outlined in Rule 18759B-9.033, 188F.A.C may request an exemption from a quarters reporting requirement. To request an exemption, the ASC shall send a letter on facility letterhead stating the number of patient visits for the reporting quarter and signed by the entity’s chief executive officer or director. The exemption letter shall be received at the Agency office in Tallahassee on or prior to the deadline for submission of the quarterly report. This is not a onetime letter, but must be submitted for each quarter with fewer than 200 visits.

    273(6) Upon notification by the Agency staff, all facilities shall provide access to all required information from the medical records and billing documents underlying and documenting the ambulatory patient data submitted, as well as other patient related documentation deemed necessary by the Agency to conduct complete ambulatory patient data audits subject to the limitations as set forth in Section 332408.061(1)(d), F.S. 334No patient records that support patient data are exempt from disclosure to AHCA for audit purposes.

    350Rulemaking Authority 352408.15(8) FS. 354Law Implemented 356408.061, 357408.062, 358408.063, 359408.07, 360408.08, 361408.15(11) FS. 363History–364New 1-1-10, Amended 7-1-11, 10-5-11, 369Formerly 37059B-9.011.


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