59C-1. Procedures For The Administration Of Sections 408.031-408.045, Florida Statutes, Health Facility And Services Development Act  

59C-1.002. Definitions
59C-1.004. Projects Subject to Review
59C-1.005. Certificate of Need Exemption Procedure
59C-1.008. Certificate of Need Application Procedures
59C-1.010. Certificate of Need Application Review Procedures
59C-1.012. Administrative Hearing Procedures
59C-1.013. Monitoring Procedures
59C-1.018. Termination of Certificate of Need
59C-1.019. Modification of Certificate of Need
59C-1.020. Effect on Licensure
59C-1.021. Certificate of Need Penalties
59C-1.022. Health Care Facilities Fee Assessments and Fee Collection Procedures
59C-1.030. Criteria Used in Evaluation of Applications
59C-1.032. Pediatric Cardiac Catheterization and Angioplasty Institutional Health Services
59C-1.033. Pediatric Open Heart Surgery Program
59C-1.034. Intermediate Care Facility for the Mentally Retarded
59C-1.036. Nursing Facility Beds
59C-1.037. Sheltered Nursing Home Beds
59C-1.039. Comprehensive Medical Rehabilitation Inpatient Services
59C-1.040. Hospital Inpatient General Psychiatric Services
59C-1.041. Hospital Inpatient Substance Abuse Services
59C-1.042. Neonatal Intensive Care Services
59C-1.043. Burn Units
59C-1.044. Organ Transplantation
59C-1.0085. Project Specific Certificate of Need Application Procedures
59C-1.0105. Certificate of Need Post Application Review Procedures
59C-1.0355. Hospice Programs