5B-3.0035. Restrictions on Host Fruit of Fruit Flies  

Effective on Sunday, February 26, 2017
  • 1All host fruit listed below from an area infested with the fruit flies 14Anastrepha 15spp. (except A. 18suspensa19), Bactrocera spp., 22Dacus 23spp., 24Rhagoletis 25spp., and 27Ceratitis 28spp. is prohibited entry into the State of Florida, unless accompanied by a certificate issued by an authorized representative of the USDA or the state of origin denoting the absence of fruit flies listed above and having complied with a treatment approved by the department or USDA to insure freedom from fruit flies 81as outlined in the United States Department of Agriculture, Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service, Plant Protection and Quarantine Treatment Manual, Chapter 5, revised 12/2016. Chapter 5 of this manual is incorporated herein and a copy may be obtained via 121http://www.flrules.org/Gateway/reference.asp?No=Ref-07882123. The following host list does not exclude from restriction any movement into Florida of other fruit or articles that may be infested. The purpose of the list is to provide information as to the preferred hosts of fruit flies which most commonly move in commerce.

    169(1) 170Actinidia chinensis 172– kiwi fruit

    175(2) 176Annona 177spp. – soursop, cherimoya, pond-apple and sugar-apple

    184(3) 185Arenga pinnata 187– sugar palm

    190(4) 191Argania spinosa 193– Argan tree, Morocco ironwood

    198(5) 199Blighia sapida 201– akee

    203(6) 204Capsicum 205spp. – peppers

    208(7) 209Carica papaya 211– papaya

    213(8) 214Carissa macrocarpa 216– carissa, Natal-plum

    219(9) 220Casimiroa 221spp. – white-sapote and other species of this genus

    230(10) 231Chrysophyllum 232spp. – star-apple and other species of this genus

    241(11) 242Citrus 243spp. – orange, grapefruit, tangerine, and other citrus relatives as defined in Rule 2565B-63.001, 257F.A.C.

    258(12) 259Coffea canephora 261(robusta coffee) or 264Coffea 265spp.

    266(13) 267Coffea arabica 269– coffee

    271(14) 272Cucumis 273spp. – cucumber, muskmelon, melon and other species of this genus

    284(15) 285Cydonia oblonga 287– common guince

    290(16) 291Cyphomandra betacea 293– tree tomato

    296(17) 297Dimocarpus longana 299– longan

    301(18) 302Diospyros 303spp. – Japanese and American persimmons and other species of this genus

    315(19) 316Dovyalis 317spp. – Ceylon-gooseberry, kei-apple

    321(20) 322Eriobotrya japonica 324– loquat

    326(21) 327Eugenia 328spp. – Surinam cherry and other species of this genus

    338(22) 339Acca sellowiana 341– feijoa, pineapple guava

    345(23) 346Ficus carica 348– fig

    350(24) 351Fortunella japonica 353– kumquat

    355(25) 356Geoffroea decorticans 358– chanar, Chilean palo verde

    363(26) 364Juglans 365spp. – walnut with husk

    370(27) 371Litchi chinensis 373– lychee

    375(28) 376Malpighia 377spp. – Barbados cherry, West Indies cherry

    384(29) 385Malus pumila 387– apple

    389(30) 390Mangifera indica 392– mango

    394(31) 395Manilkara zapota 397– sapodilla

    399(32) 400Mimusops elengi 402– Spanish cherry

    405(33) 406Murraya paniculata 408– orange jasmine

    411(34) 412Ochrosia elliptica 414– kopsia, elliptic yellowwood

    418(35) 419Olea europea 421– olive

    423(36) 424Opuntia 425spp. – prickly pear

    429(37) 430Passiflora edulis 432– passion fruit

    435(38) 436Persea americana 438– avocado

    440(39) 441Phoenix dactylifera 443– date palm

    446(40) 447Pouteria campechiana 449– canistel

    451(41) 452Pouteria sapota 454– mammee, sapote

    457(42) 458Prunus 459spp. – peach, plum, apricot, cherry and other stone fruit relatives

    470(43) 471Psidium 472spp. – common guava and cattley guava

    479(44) 480Punica granatum 482– pomegranate

    484(45) 485Pyrus communis 487– pear

    489(46) 490Solanum esculentum 492– tomato

    494(47) 495Solanum melongena var. esculentum 499– eggplant

    501(48) 502Spondias 503spp. – hog plum, yellow mombin, red mombin, purple mombin, Spanish plum, jocote

    516(49) 517Syzygium 518spp. – rose-apple, jambolan-plum, mountain apple

    524(50) 525Terminalia catappa 527– tropical almond

    530(51) 531Thevetia peruviana 533– yellow oleander

    536(52) 537Vaccinium angustofolium 539(including 540V. pennsylvanicum542) – lowbush blueberry

    546(53) 547Vaccinium corymbosum 549(including 550V. ashei 552and 553V. fuscatum555) – highbush blueberry

    559(54) 560Vitis 561spp. – wine grape or European grape

    568(55) Any other fruit which is known to be or found to be a host of any fruit flies listed above.

    589Rulemaking Authority 591570.07(23), 592581.031(1), 593(4), (5) FS. Law Implemented 598581.031 FS. 600History–New 7-2-95, Amended 10-8-03, 2-26-17.


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