5B-62.014. Foundation Trees  

Effective on Wednesday, February 25, 2015
  • 1Foundation trees belong to the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services and are kept in secure greenhouse facilities for budwood cutting and distribution to citrus nurseries28. 29It shall be unlawful for any person to plant any genera, species and varieties of the 45Rutaceous 46subfamilies 47Aurantioideae, 48Rutoideae, 49and 50Toddalioideae, 51within one mile of a foundation tree or to plant a commercial citrus grove within 10 miles of a foundation tree.

    72(1) Foundation trees must originate from tested parent trees.

    81(2) Foundation trees shall be the source for all scion trees92.

    93(3) Foundation trees shall meet all the requirements in Rule 1035B-62.012, 104F.A.C., for source trees.

    108Rulemaking Authority 110570.07(23), 111581.031(1), 112(3), (8) FS. Law Implemented 117570.07(2), 118(13), 119581.031(1), 120(14), (17), (23) FS. History–New 12-26-06, Amended 2-25-15.


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