5C-11.017. Feeding Garbage; Procedures, Equipment, Records, Quarantine and Pretreating Requirements

Effective on Sunday, July 2, 1995
  • 1(1) All garbage, regardless of previous processing, shall, before being fed to animals, be thoroughly cooked for at least 30 minutes at 212º F.

    25(2) All equipment utensils and vehicles used in the collection, transportation and distribution of garbage and all other facilities used in the treatment and feeding of the garbage shall be kept and maintained in a sanitary condition at all times. All containers of raw garbage shall be covered and retained within the enclosure surrounding the cooker, along with all empty containers used in the collection of garbage. The premises surrounding the enclosure shall be kept free of remains of previously fed garbage, rubbish, and raw garbage spilled from containers while unloading or filling the cooker.

    120(3) Any person feeding garbage to animals shall keep records regarding the collection, transportation and distribution of garbage, and the operation of the equipment and procedure of treating garbage to be fed to animals. Such records must cover the previous twelve months of operation.

    164(4) Swine which have been fed garbage which has not been treated to destroy disease germs, virus, or bacteria shall be placed under quarantine by the department and no such swine shall be moved onto or from the quarantined premises without written permission from an authorized representative of the department. No indemnity will be paid for swine confiscated or destroyed when such swine have been fed raw garbage.

    232Rulemaking Authority 234585.002(4) FS. 236Law Implemented 238585.48, 239585.50, 240585.52 FS. 242History–Amended 10-20-63, Formerly 5C-11.17, Amended 7-2-95.


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